Sir Lancelot's Cat has a Giant Banana-filled Firefly in Sydney Airport

My buffalo loves cats
The cats that love to chase rats
The rats that run across cricket bats
And bats that fly around unit flats

The unit flats which glow in the night
As sir Lancelot screams in his fright
This new problem in his long plight
Has made his food-bag gone light

The giant banana is chasing him 'round
Set loose in the street from his lunch-box pound
He trips and he stumbles across the rough ground
Regains his clumsy balance, shrugged it off and frowned

He runs and he runs till he reaches a cliff
A cliff oh so steep he stops there, scared stiff
The cloud of angry fireflies gets ever so near
So he jumps off the cliff in his great fear

He falls to the ground and lifts up himself
He has arrived at the airport but with no book shelf
"Out here in Sydney, what will I read!"
Now all he can do is kneel down and plead.