A/N: I hope you like this poem/story thing i got the idea for it off a convocation i had on msn with my friend Paul and at same point my other friends Sandra and Maddie.

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His dead!!


Why did he have to go?

Why did you do this?

He was my friend

He may not be my only friend



He was my friend

And you killed him

Whoever you are

You random person

That killed my friend

"I'm not dead"


You're alive?

"Of course I'm alive"

"I told you to hold on"

"I was gone for like 10 minuets"

O ok sorry i overreacted.

A/N: Ok i didn't really have this exact conversation on msn i made up about all of it but i got the first 2 or so lines from it.

I will upload the second part to this latter today.

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