Chapter Two: The Green Egg

Brandon couldn't believe it, Du Weldenvarden; it seemed all of this was just a dream, he thought he would wake up any second now.

"How did we get her so fast?" asked Brandon looking around him, soaking up the scene before him.

"You home is Alagaesia," she answered him, "Just your from another time of Alagaesia." Brandon turned to her,

"So the books that I've been reading have…are like history books?" Arya nodded,

"It would seem that way." She sat down on a lone rock and looked up, "They should be here soon." "Brandon seemed confused,

"Who?" asked Brandon, she just smiled at him while closing her eyes; that when he heard it. The steady beats of wings from a far away place, Brandon looking up at the sky gasped, coming toward them; was a blue dragon. The dragon landed with a soft thud, dropping low to the ground to absorb the impact. The dragon had its back to Brandon like it didn't see him; a man rode on its back as he jumped off, with a blue sword in his hand.

"Arya," he called the Elf name, "Welcome home." Arya smiled at the rider and nodded, the dragon lent down to her level to her face,

"Thank you Saphira and it's nice to see you both again!" Brandon didn't know what to do, part of him wanted to yell with joy, while the other was just plain; brain dead.

"Have you found the new rider?" asked Eragon, he had somewhat long brow hair, his eyes were also brown and his ears tip from what Brandon knew that the old dragons did to him. He wore the Elves clothing with a bow and quiver around his back.

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure he can help us." Saphira leaned down to her again,

"He knows many things, even your past Eragon." Eragon seemed to be taken aback by this, "How?" Arya pointed to Brandon as the rider and his dragon turned to him.

"Um," answered Brandon, "Hi."

Eragon and Saphira made their way over to him, Saphira bent down to him and sniffed him, and she snorted to what Brandon thought she did. Eragon looked up at Saphira as she looked at him; Eragon looked back and looked at Brandon right in the eye.

"May she speak to you?" Brandon nodded his head slowly looking up at the blue dragon.

"Hello there young one." Brandon eyes widened he just heard her speak and it was…amazing,

"Hello Bright Scales." He answered back using her nickname the Dwarfs had given; bowing slightly to her "It is nice to meet you." Saphira shoot her head up,

"You can, speak back into her mind?" asked Eragon looking at the two,

"Yes, can't anyone if she speaks to them?" Arya then moved over to them,

"Elves and other powerful mind users, but never a human!" this caught Brandon off,

"How can I then?"

"Maybe you are the next rider then." He shot his head up at the dragon,

"Opps, sorry I forgot you can still hear me!" Saphira made a soft growling; Brandon knew that she was laughing,

"You get use to it after a while." Brandon smiled at her,

"She may be right you know." Arya pressed onward to Brandon, "You may be the next rider." Brandon stepped back a bit,

"Me? But I can't fight; I never even held a dagger for god sake!" Eragon moved closer,

"I didn't know how to fight as well, but I leant as I want on,"

"As you will if you are the rider!" Brandon took a deep breath,

"Then I must ask, what will happen if I'm not the rider?" Arya, Eragon, and Saphira looked at each other,

"Let think about that when we come to that." Arya told him.

Saphira had allowed Brandon to ride on her back as Eragon and Arya too the ground, saying that he would only slow them down if he went on foot.

"I'm pretty fast you know." Brandon told Eragon though his mind, "Back home people called me 'The Sonic!'" Eragon laughed in his mind, as well as Arya and Saphira.

"But as fast as us?" Brandon crossed his arms and grumbled,

"Fine, point taking." Saphira laughed at him in her own way,

"Would you to tell riddles to past the time?" Brandon always did liked riddles and nodded,

"You know my name is Brandon right?" Saphira nodded her head,

"I was just waiting for you to tell me your name. Now I go first, what's tall when young, but short when old?" Brandon knew that,

"A candle!" she growled,

"Lucky guess, your turn." Brandon thought for a moment then smiled.

"Trees on my back, nails in my ribs, feet I do lack, what am I?" now it was Saphira turn to think, Eragon heard the riddle and laughed,

"He got you stumped Saphira?" she snorted,

"Give me some time!" Brandon held on to her back as she followed the two elves on the ground. They flew by a lake that Brandon knew from the map as Rona.

"Give up?"


They landed that night by that very same lake, Saphira still thinking of the riddle, "A footless slave?" Brandon shook his head,

"Nope," he said out loud, "You're never going to get it!" Saphira growled at him showing him her teeth,

"Oh yes I am!" Brandon laughed to himself as he saw the mighty dragon struggle with his riddle still; he turned his head over to see Arya and Eragon speaking to each other in the Ancient Language. At times Eragon would turn his head to him, but then back to Arya speaking again in their unknown words. Brandon decided to just lie on the ground and look up at the sky, it was still light outside, but he could start to see a few bits of stars here and there. Closing his eyes he smiled, he still couldn't believe that he was seeing dragons, riders, and elves. If this was a dream he never wanted to wake, he wanted to stay in this dream world for the rest of his life. But then the thought of his mother came rushing into his mind, he knew that time in his time would stop, but he still felt bad that he had to leave without her knowing. But the queen wanted to see him, he may be the new rider; those last six words got him in the head.

"A new rider," he said out loud. Arya heard what he said and sat by him on a rock,

"Is something the matter Brandon?" Brandon just shook his head,

"No," he answered, "Just a little…nervous." Eragon sat on his other side looking at him,

"What do you mean?" Brandon sat up and held his head down,

"I mean just think, if I'm the new rider, yes we could have a better chance of killing Galbatorix; because two riders are better then one. But what got me worried is, well I be enough to tip the power to us?" he let the question hang in the air as both elves were lost in their own thoughts, "I'm not saying I don't believe in myself," he continued, "Just, will a city human like me be able to help you stop the king?" Eragon slapped him on the back,

"Brandon listen," he said looking right at Brandon, "you know that I was once only a farm boy, I didn't think of myself as a warrior at all; I thought I would spend the rest of my life planting and growing food. But here I am, a Dragon Rider, fighting for what I believe in!" he stood up and smiled, "If your not the Rider, we can send you back any time you want, but with your somewhat knowledge; you could be a great help!" Brandon turned away,

"Can I think about it?" Eragon nodded,

"Sure, when you want to tell me, you know where I am."

Again Brandon rode on Saphira back, this time he didn't feel much of doing riddles, but Saphira did keep going trying to guess the answer.

"Can I have a hint?" she asked him after a few hours of flying,

"Water." He answered her, not really paying any mind to anything around him. "You must be thinking really hard," she asked him, "May I ask what you think right now?" Brandon thought for a moment, the only sounds was the beating of her wings; and the sound of animals down below.

"If I do become a rider that means that I have to stay away from my mother to protect Alagaesia, not saying that I don't mind helping, it's just; I won't see her anymore." Saphira thought long and hard about what he said,

"What about your father?" She asked after a few silent minutes,

"I never knew my father, my mom said that when I was born he had to leave, saying something like, 'My duty needs me.' What does that mean to you?" Saphira flew in silent again,

"He could have been called into duty to war; does your time have war?" Brandon nodded as he told her all about what he knew about the wars going on in his time. "Your time," she said after hearing his story, "Sounds more terrifying then our own, aren't you scared?" Brandon shook his head,

"The war is from other places, but at some times; I do feel sacred. I mean, how long till the war is right at my own doorstep?" Saphira growled in agreement,

"Saphira," it was Eragon's voice inside both of their minds "We're almost to the city, do you mind landing so Brandon may walk?" Saphira answered by laying low to the ground, making sure not to disturbed the trees around her. Brandon jumped off her back and landed on the balls of his heel, leaning on his left leg, then to his right; letting the blood rush back to his now asleep legs. Both Eragon and Ayra appeared if from the very night and stood by Saphira, Eragon turned to Brandon and motion him to follow him.

"Stay close to us," he told him, "I'm not sure the other Elves know that a human is coming." Brandon nodded as he followed the three inside the city; not knowing what waited for him on the inside.