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Secret Base, Utah Desert

A stone-faced, Caucasian man in his late 40'stoearly 50's, about 5'11", dressed in a black suit, black shoes, and black shades, stood at the center of a of a dark control room, pondering of the case that fell before him. From his left breast-pocket he drew out in his right a cigar with a Zippo lighter in the other, to which his lit and took a puff. His face was scowling and snarling with the oversized tobacco stick in between his gritting teeth. "If I don't do anything to cover this soon, the chief going to have my ass on a platter" Then he took a second puff, "I, seriously, did not need this today trying to decipher what it all meant. He ordered for a subordinate to report, "Foxtrot! Status Report!"

Then a young looking Caucasian man, dark red hair gelled back and emerald green eyes, also decked out in black, but truly underneath had bluish-green skin; orange hair; purple eyes; a long, skinny, leathery, monkey-like tail, walked up to the lead Agent, "It seem that various parties, internationally, within scientific community have taking notice. They've even recruited Arecibo and SETI into sending a signal which lead to the RT-70 Rader Telescope in Yevpatoria, Ukraine to do the same."

"And of Zulu and Tango?" He took another puff.

"While in attempt to retrieve the tablet, not only did they have to deal with a belligerent drunken, racist, local enforcement official, but also our favorite thorn in our side, Andrew Del Toro. He held possession and refused. However he decided to work with us as part of a deal he and Zulu had made; we got scans of the tablet along with Sol-Zikanyo prints, but not Sol-Zikanyonian in origin. Del Toro says Earth in origin, even though I cannot recognize the language. I guess that's why Del Toro held onto it, maybe he's is able to decipher it."

"What is that punk up to?" He then angrily let out another puff of smoke.

"Uh, sir, you know, the higher ups don't like it when you smoke in the control room."

"Honestly, Foxtrot, because your anatomy not being human, I have feel as if I have no need to pay attention to what opinion you have on what the higher ups think of my smoking."

"But sir, don't we have to work within the any and all standard protocols of working a government-run facility?"

"Foxtrot, don't you know anything? Although we are tax-payer funded, we operate outside of government-norm. We use the most unconventional methods in secrecy and silence; we do so as to appear non-existent, so why should those pompous bastards from above be angry over something so trivial like my smoking within our headquarters." Then the lead agent took a third puff when an idea struck him, "You know Foxtrot, just so I don't have to deal with your nagging, I'm sending you out to the field. I just realized that I need a couple of agents to assist Zulu and Tango in their investigation, and I'm assigning to that task, and that new rookie recruit with you, that Hispanic broad, Agent Bravo; she needs the field experience. Now go! That's an order! I want you two to be halfway into Southern Louisiana by 45 minutes."

"Uh, okay, yes sir! I'm on my way now, sir." Foxtrot scrambled.

As Foxtrot disappeared, the lead agent said under his breath, "God damn, I fucking hate extraterrestrials. If it were my choice, I'd just wipe them all out and reap the benefits for us humans. How come no one told me I'd get stuck with such an irritating, migraine-inducing, anal-retentive, Al-Krembliam? I swear my hair is going to be white by the end of the year."

CIA H.Q., Langley, McLean, Virginia

In a tiny, hidden away office cubicle, a young "recruited" intern in his late 20's was sweating, nervous and fearful of the incoming fax being printed. After he completed his print, he took off on foot with lightning speed to his boss's office. "Sir, here's that impromptu report about that anomaly you and the other officials that you had rapidly requested from Alpha and his team", he jittered in delivery.

"Thanks, rookie" A Caucasian male, mid-40's, average height, average build, graying brown hair and some wrinkles to show aging, was reading the file that was presented to him. He asked, "The report of Alpha's team, is this all?" The selected intern nervously answered, "No sir, there's been talk in the back channels between scientist at various observatories about this odd outer-planetary lunar anomaly tonight. And the kid interfering with Alpha's subordinates seems to know more than what he is letting on."

"The kid, how does he play into this?"

"He's withholding a major piece of evidence, the tablet, and is able to do so under one major reason of justification; on what's written, he may be the only one on Earth to interpret it. He is cooperating with Alpha's men on one note, whatever he finds out, they're the first to know."

"And where is this kid now?"

"He is on route with his friends that were with him; it is believed that their destination is the city of Houston."

"Houston, Texas, isn't that where that so called superhero, Aftershock, watches over?"

"Yes sir, I believe that's the area he watches but he's not the only superhuman in that city; the heroine, Shockwave, presides there too."

"Hmm, that's something we might need to take into consideration. What about that other thing, this outer-planetary lunar event, the one causing all this chatter in the back channels? Am I to assume this to be an event occurring on a different planet's moon?"

"Well sir, that's the impression that's been given. And with the last minute bit of information that we got from Alpha's men, it should be the origin of the tablet, the Martian moon of Phobos. However, we still need confirmation; we have yet here of any transmission from the International Space Station."

Communication Line Between International Space Station, Orbiting Earth and NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Hovering around in zero-gravity, NASA astronaut, Nick Patrick, was passing through a module when a several flashes of light outside in the 'vacuum' caught his attention. He called over the NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts to the communications module to where he decided to radio in Mission Control, "Houston, this is ISS, do you see any anomalies on your end, in the direction of Mars? We're getting a lot of activity from our end, over."

"This is Mission Control Houston, copy that, we're picking up the activity on our monitors along with most of observatories in North America. Dr. Del Toro said its best you, if you might want to switch to emergency mode incase of possible debris impact, over."

"Copy that, Houston, over and out."