"Mama, where is daddy? When will I see daddy?" Maika asks me the moment I come in through the entrance. I turn to her and stare at her for a moment and then went to her.

"What's the matter?"

"The kids at my school say that I don't have a daddy. That I'm a bad child."

My heart drops in sadness, but instead of expressing it I lead her to the window and point up the sky. "Remember what I told you? Daddy is up there helping people travel around the world. Daddy is helping many people, saving many lives. Daddy may not be able to be here, but he's a hero. Remember that and don't listen to anyone else. You're a hero's daughter, right?"

"Mama's a hero too." Maika says back.

"Let's go change and make something special…do you remember why today is special?" I ask as I straightened up.

"Grandmama's birthday! Is Oji-sama coming over too?" Maika asks.

Today is my step-mother's birthday. She's the closest thing to a mother; father remarried her when I was 15 years old. She always told me to call her Kumiko, never mother. She looked after me because she was afraid of what society would say. I wonder if she has any grandchildren from Yoko. I wonder if she'll get angry when she finds out that Maika calls her grandmama and dreams of making cookies with her. Would she accept Maika? I hope we never find out. We're happy the way we are right now.

"Oji-sama? Why would he come?"

"But he comes on your birthday and mine? Grandmama's going to be sad, if he doesn't come for Grandmama's too."

"You're so cute!"I bend over and lightly pinch my Maika on the cheeks. "I'll call Oji-sama. Let's go get change then."

There are so many people out there that I care about, but had to leave. What do you do when all those you love are nowhere near you? You continue to live.


We are welcomed into the room where the party is being held and it's impressive. Totally Hyugo's style to show off, I followed Minami through the crowds of business men. I could tell that Minami was looking for Hyugo and not potential brides fitted to become my future wife. As I push myself around, working to make sure to not run into anyone my grandfather might know I caught sight of a back that I didn't think I'd ever see. She was standing there, dressed in deep crimson velvet and a tight big black belt, her back to me 500 feet away from me. Instead of following Minami, I pushed towards her way and I run into more people. Bumping my shoulders at each person I passed by, I didn't care how rude I am being right now. I needed her and she was here, I needed her and seeing her made me want to run to her and embrace her and caress her. I needed to tell her that I need only her to stand by my side no matter, even if I lost all the money I had in the world.

Someone grabs my arm and I turn around to see who it was and see that it is Minami, "Where are you going?" She asks with a confused look.

"Just to look around…" I tell Minami trying to look and keep track of where she was. She hadn't moved, so chances are she probably won't. This was my chance, god gave me this chance and I'm willing to take it. Thank god.

"You should come with me; I have some friends who want to meet you." Minami continues.

"Okay…I'll come find you later." I tell Minami quickly and turn my attention back to where she stood except she wasn't there anymore. Where she stood was empty, I turn around surveying the faces of the crowd, but found no one like her. Is she really here or is it just my imagination?


I thought it was weird that Hyugo would invite me to such a place when he said that it was for business and advertising. When Hyugo picked me up, he took me to a clothing store where he picked out a dress for me to wear. A deep crimson soft feathered fabric that hugged my body's shape. The dress was a v-neck line with ruffles on the v-neck line. Ruby earrings adorned my ears; real silver bracelets dangling from my wrists. He bought me such an expensive dress and shoe and even had my hair done, if he told me that I would be attending his welcoming party, I could have prepared all these for myself and not used the money that he did just to buy all these gifts.

I look at myself in the mirror and took a deep breath. These kinds of clothes don't suit me, a mother. I refused Hyugo's kind gift, but he wouldn't allow it. So here I am at a party that I barely know anyone, dressed in a way that I wouldn't normally dress. I look at my watch and it is only 9pm. I told him I'd stay till just ten and Hyugo said it was fine, as long as I wore the gift he bought me.

I leave the bathroom and headed back to the party when I run in Saito. For the party, he was dressed in an ebony Giorgio Armani suit. His hair slicked back like Elvis Presley's hair. This made him look a little younger and looked a little different from the Saito that I always see at work; the one that always helped me and Maika.

"Misao, you look beautiful, I almost didn't recognize the girl behind all that glamour." Saito commented.

"Thanks…" I mumbled feebly, feeling a little insecure being looked at and commented by my boss who's never seen me like this before. I am sure I am blushing a little, I bet; I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.

"Hello, Saito, I'm glad you could make it. Misao, there you are. I was looking all over for you. Come with me I want to introduce you to some people." Hyugo said as he grabs my hand and pull me towards the party crowd. Saito trails behind us.

He takes me through crowds and crowds of face, the room seemed smaller than before, the people just kept rising. He knew this many people, did he really need a small advertising management like us? I ask myself.

"Hyugo-san!" a female voice cries out loudly from the right side of us. He stopped and we see a beautiful lady running towards us. "Hyugo-san, I looked everywhere for you!"She said as she stops to stand in front of us.

I look closer and realize that she looked very familiar, I'm sure I've seen her somewhere. But I can't seem to remember where I met her. I was sure I met her before, but I just couldn't pinpoint her.

"How are you? Did you come here alone?" Hyugo ask as he hugs her, still holding my hands.

"No, I didn't come alone; you know my grandpa would never allow me to come to these places. You know how he is. I came with my brother instead. He should be coming here real soon."

"Minami, this is Tatsuke Saito, my friend and this is—"

"Hiro…Over here!" I hear Minami shout interrupting Hyugo. This Hiro was probably just right behind as because Minami was looking over us. "Hyugo, remember you guys went to the same university?"

"Oh, Hiroshi. How can I forget?" Hyugo said in a mockingly voice.

"Minami, who else are you going to introduce me to?"

My heart stopped. His voice is so near me, behind me. Am I hearing things?


I was trying to hide from Minami, since she has already introduced me to many, many ladies in the crowd. None of which had any other interest other than marrying a bachelor and living the good life. I don't want to meet anymore of these ladies. She was supposed to just lie that she was going to introduce me to some of these ladies here, not actually do it.

I see her waving and calling out to me so I head towards her. She was standing in front of a two men with a woman sandwiched between the two men, whose backs are towards me. One of the men was holding onto the woman's hand so I assume in relief that it wasn't going to be one of her suggests again.

"Someone Special, of course!" Minami replies. She grasps the hand of the man that was holding the woman's hand and turned them around. The men allowed Minami to turn him around easily, but it seemed like the woman was hesitating. "This is Hyugo, his friend Saito, and his friend…"

"Misao. Seikahara Misao." Hyugo finished for Minami.

I look at her. She's dressed in the deep crimson I recall; she has jewelries on, sparkling around her neck and her wrist. Her hair was clipped all up with a few curled strands around her neck. Hyugo was holding her hand, she was standing next to him. She looked paled, horrified like she just saw something that she didn't mean to see.

"Misao, surely you still remember Hiroshi from our University. You tutored him right?"

I don't say anything because I want to hear her answer. I just stare at her, I want to know why she is reacting the way she is. I want to know why she's holding his hands. I want to know if she has been with him all this time that she left me alone thinking only about her. I wait, time pass slowly, tension sparkle in the air as we are all deathly quiet, as quiet as the dark foggy night. Say something…say something…I prayed as I stood my ground. I want to know what Hyugo meant to her.

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