All I do is just a waste
Not good in style or in taste

Just a minute speck in blowing dust
Left up to a greater, unknowable trust

I'd wander, but what would be changed..?
-So lost, I am, in tossled brain

Might as well stay put and wonder
Aware of, but beyond, the encroaching thunder

Now, there is no place where I belong
No favorite sport or apropos song

All faces I meet are broken, cracked
Beyond my touch, so I stay slacked

I could probably say it's been a while
Since I felt true need- true freedom, style

I'm lost in words that sink back down
Play above my sunken, drunken crown

Air pockets sustain me, it's astounding
I've held on this long, unbreathing, floundering

I don't need another, no patient brother
I'll just use you and leap to another

I don't feel sadness, don't feel pain-
If I did, perhaps it'd wake my brain

What do I feel, hmm... i wonder... damned hard to think through all this thunder...