The Quiet Game

I'm not going to say this works all the time at settling kids down, but for the most part it works pretty good. You have to be dramatic and use your tone of voice. You also have to do actions and encourage the children to imitate you. For instance, I usually hug myself and scrunch down when I say "shiver…", I usually flutter my fingers when I say "snow that falls…", I put on "listening ears", and I put my finger to my mouth when I say "sshhh". You get the idea right?

Can you be quiet?
Quiet as a mouse that hides from a cat?
Can you shiver, silent and secret as that?

Can you be quiet?
Quiet as the snow that falls to the ground?
So soft, so cool, like feathers it makes no sound.

Can you listen? Can you put on your listening ears?
Do you hear your breath? Your heartbeat?
Noises far? Noises near?

Can you be like a librarian?
Can you say "Sshhhhh"
right before you get ready to read?

Because it's time to be quiet.
It's time to "sshhh"
It' time to listen to me

…and this awesome, amazing, so very amazing story. (lift up the book you plan to read)