Of Pixies and Fruity obsessions

Pixie Pixelton paced the golden enclave and sighed.
Why does this have to happen every time she comes into town? thought Pixie. If only they made as much of a fuss for me.
With a grumpy grimace, Pixie stomped into the dining hall, too frustrated to use her wings.
"Hello, Pix –" a fellow pixie began to say.
"Hello, Fernand!" Pixie screeched, stopping him mid-sentence.
Fernand exchanged a worried glance with the pixie beside him. "Some-ones a little bit on edge today." he said in an undertone.
Pixie ignored his rude comment and walked down the long path-way between the two large tables. Each table was filled with busy pixies chatting away and eating cereal; basically going about their usual business. Pixie glowered at everyone she passed, making sure they all saw her annoyance.
She reached the food table and grabbed a plate. Pouring large amounts of food into her plate, she walked across the table until she reached the end; the fruits and vegetable section.
After quickly analysing the available fruits, Pixie dropped her plate, creating a mess on the floor around her. Slowly, she rotated her body, fists clenched tight.
Most of the other pixies were now looking in her direction, afraid of the coming outburst.
Pixie inhaled a large gulp of air and screwed her face into a tight snarl.
"WHERE..." she pointed her finger at the food table as she said it. "IS" Slowly, he finger moved towards the fruits and vegetable section. "MY" She stomped her fist onto the table, shaking it violently and sending a flurry of food in different directions. "ORANGE!!"
Pixie screwed her eyes shut and started pulling at her hair, blood slowly dripping down her face. "WHERE IS MY ORANGE!! WHERE IS MY ORANGE!!" she repeated over and over again.
A brave pixie slowly approached her and handed her his orange. She took it away from him and threw it viciously at his face. He fell to the floor, unmoving.
Too overwhelmed, Pixie feinted.