I woke up with a pounding headache that told me I was most definitely hung over. I opened my eyes and was blinded by the mid-day sun pouring through the blinds.

"Good morning!" I heard someone sing and worked out it must have been Georgia, my best-friend and companion on this once in a lifetime adventure, I quickly threw my face in my pillow determined not to move from the bed for at least another hour. "Get up!" She sang pulling the bed covers away.

"Georgia!" I groaned feeling the cold air bite my skin, sure it was nice out, but after being wrapped up in those covers all night it certainly felt chilly. The other woman giggled and skipped into the bathroom.

"So how was your night?" She called as I got up to change, she poked her head out of the bathroom door for a moment with her toothbrush stuffed in her mouth. "You looked like you were having fun." She said, each word being distorted by the brush.

That when it hit me, heavily. "I d-don't remember..." Georgia slowly came back out of the bathroom with a devilish which made me nervous. "What?" She shrugged turning back to the bathroom to dispose of her toothbrush and then headed for the door.

"Breakfast?" She asked casually.

I sighed and followed her out. "Georgia, did I do something stupid last night?" She just laughed at me and continued towards the elevator. She pushed the small silver button and waited for the ping. I watched as three men walked out all of them dwarfing me, by walked, they more of stumbled obviously only just getting back from a particularly great night out.

Georgia and I walked into the elevator and just as the doors were about to close another guy wove in the small gap, making it just in time .

Georgia laughed and clapped like an excited 3-year-old, but I was to entranced by this man to even care he smiled and I felt myself blush with the intensity of a nuclear bomb. I was shamelessly staring at him but he didn't seem to mind, he was staring back just as much. He looked like someone from every girls fantasy, he had perfectly messy, deep glossy brown hair that urged anybody looking at it to run their fingers through it. And his eyes, I had never seen a pair of eyes so radiant, so beautiful before. Maybe it was the cluster of freckles spread across his cheek bones and the bridge of his nose that made his eyes stand out, but either way I was thankful those divine blue eyes existed.

"H-hi..." He stammered both letters were dragged out and elongated slightly but I didn't care. My God. His voice.

"Uh, hi..." I replied blushing, I didn't know what else to say or do other than just stare at him.

I broke out of my trance when I heard Georgia gasp. "Milly, isn't he the guy you were dancing with at the club last night?"

I whirled around to Georgia. "Me...dance?" I paused. "You know I can't dance."

"Actually," The guy started making me turn back, I could get used to hearing his voice. "Y-you are quite a g-g-g-good dancer." I blushed heavily and sighed as the lift stopped and pinged again. "W-w-would you like t-to have breakfast with me?"

Before I could answer Georgia did it for me. "Sure, we'd love too." I turned and glared at her before following the guy out of the elevator, I was perfectly capable of answering myself.

As we exited the elevator Georgia asked an important question, one he probably had answered the night before but in my drunken stupor I had forgotten. "What's your name?"

"Connor! Over here!" Someone shouted, my eyes instantly following the voice. Connor looked back at me and smiled before leading Georgia and I to the table. "Oh, Connor." The man sitting at the table started. "Your s-s-stutter bagged us a couple of hotties!"

Connor's eyes connected with mine there was something in them telling me he was sorry, I had a feeling Connor's friend was going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. I smiled silently telling him I understood and watched his as his smile returned and almost lit up the whole room.

~~~ Three weeks later ~~~

"H-hello?" I heard the familiar stammer that made my heart race, it was an unusual trait and it was even more unusual that it could get me so worked up but it undoubtedly did.

I was about to call out to him as I reached for the just boiled coffee pot but Georgia beat me to it, and I really wished she hadn't. "Milly's in the kitchen warbler!"

"M-my name is n-not warbler!" He replied before wandering into the kitchen. "H-hey."

I turned around and spotted the smile, that cheeky grin always caught me off guard and I was lucky not to drop the coffee. "Morning Connor." I said sticking a coffee in front of him.

"Th-thanks." He stammered closing his eyes and gritting his teeth through frustration the smile melted away immediately after that and it was obvious he was suffering at the hand of his impediment, I watched him open his eyes again and felt my chest almost explode with butterflies, if he had the power to do that with just one look I could only imagine what else he could do.

I took a deep breath in an attempt to sober my thoughts. "I'm just gonna go give this to Georgia, I'll be right back."

Connor nodded and I briskly walked to Georgia as she sat in the living-room working on a paper that was due in, I was surprised I didn't spill any coffee or break the mug or the table with the way I slammed it down, glaring at Georgie like I could burn right though her.

"What?" She asked innocently sitting up.

"Warbler!" I spat at her making sure my tone was hushed and Connor wouldn't be able to hear. "Warbler?" I paused taking another deep breath. "Don't say stuff like that, Connor is important to me and I don't appreciate you insulting him." I told her firmly before turning on my heel and marching back to the kitchen, I noticed Connor had migrated towards the french doors, where he was staring out at the pigeons gathered on the decking. He turned back to me and smiled before sitting down at the table, his hand ran up to his forehead and rubbed against it continuously.

"Rough morning?" I asked, I reached up into one of the cupboards in the kitchen and pulled out a small box of headache tablets, handing them to him as I sat down on the chair opposite. He nodded and replied.

"Didn't g-get m-m-m-much sleep, k-keep stutter-er-ing." Connor shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he pulled the contents of the box out, I waited for him to take the medication before replying.

"Haven't you ever thought of getting it checked out like see a speech therapist or something?"

Connor shrugged fiddling with the sleeve of his hoodie, he reminded me of a child about to be punished by his parents, he didn't look anything like the 23-year-old man I knew he was. I watched him tense as Georgia came out but after placing her mug in the sink she disappeared again.

"I-I..." He trailed off staring at the floor I had quickly learned after we met in Vegas Connor's stutter was, as I predicted, a very sensitive subject and he'd often avoid the subject all together.

"Go on." I said leaning forward, I wanted him to know he could trust me with this.

Connor inhaled before starting. "I-I'm to af-fraid to s-s-speak to someone, th-th-they'll laugh at m-me."

I smiled sadly. "No they won't, they are professionals."

Connor sighed and pushed his empty mug away from him.