Milly POV

"Connor said that, while you were in the store?" Georgia laughed trying to keep her voice down so neither of our boyfriends would hear us laughing at their expense.

I couldn't help but giggle as I nodded, the Connor I met in Vegas was not the same Connor now. He was no longer two feet tall with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he was five foot eleven and still going, with the recent change in his attitude Connor would soon be one-hundred feet tall with nothing to bring him down.

I loved this side of Connor. The happy and care-free man that wanted to do everything just to prove he could.

"H-He wants to get a job." I stammered still a little shocked from when he suggested the idea. "He said he wants to make some money so we can get a bigger house..." I let the statement trail because I knew what Georgia would say.

"What would you need a bigger house for unless he...?" Georgia lifted an eyebrow and placed a hand on her stomach just to emphasise her point without actually having to say the words. I took a deep breath and let it all out at once, months ago if that thought had even occurred to Connor he would have freaked and flown into a full scale panic attack, I loved Connor's new confidence but perhaps he had just a little to much confidence for now.

Or maybe I didn't have enough? Surely if he was brave enough to want to think about our future together I should be too I shouldn't be afraid of being with the man I loved, ok maybe the children part would have to wait for a while but it would definetly be a start.

For a moment Georgia and I sat in silence both of us pondering on Connor's recent thoughts when he appeared at the door holding a mug in his hands.

"Woah. Hold on mister!" I said standing and wandering over I peered into the mug and then looked him in the eyes. "How come you get a coffee and us ladies have to suffer and dehydrate?" I said playfully taking the mug out of his hands and placing it on the table in front of my spot on the sofa. Connor grinned and shrugged silently, I looked at him slightly confused as to why he did not verbally answer my question.

For a second his mouth opened and then closed again, he took another mug from the cabinet just behind the door and handed it to me whilst pointing to Georgia so I knew it was for her. He then pointed to the coffee mug I had taken out of his hands and pointed to me telling me that actually his coffee was my coffee.

Earlier that morning I could barely get Connor to stop talking and now he wouldn't even whisper a word, had he overheard what I had said to Georgia and maybe found it a breach of secrecy?

"What's this earlier you wouldn't shut up and now to make up for it you are now following a strict code of silence?" I asked poking him in the chest with one finger, he smiled a little before running his hand through his hair. "What is it Connor?"

He hesitated for a moment looking up at Jake who was just attempting to come down the stairs, tightly gripping the stair railings so he didn't fall. Connor ignored my question and used Jake's arrival as a distraction rushing up by his older brothers side so he could help him get to the living-room without suffering a near death experience, once Connor had helped Jake in the living-room to sit down he realised he'd have to sit on the sofa beside me and answer my question.

Connor carefully sat down on the sofa as I sat beside him and suddenly the room was just a two way conversation between Jake and Georgia, so I turned to Connor and refused to budge in my line of questioning. I gently reached over and took his hand hoping it would inspire his voice to come out but he stayed silent, his attention diverted to Jake and Georgia again pretending to listen to their conversation.

Like he had hoped I eventually gave up trying to get him to say anything and as I tried to take my hand from his he held it tightly, obviously trying to show me he still cared and his lack of voice was not my fault. It didn't take long for Jake's exhaustion to become evident as he dropped his head against Georgia's shoulder so Connor and I made ourselves scarce heading home without a word to each other.

He got out of the car once parked and headed straight into the house, he didn't wait for me like he usually would or stand in the doorway where he'd tell me I was not allowed in unless I kissed him first but this time he didn't even bother and went straight upstairs.

Fed up with being annoyed I followed him up to the second floor but froze on the landing. Connor was stood in the bathroom looking into the mirror talking to himself, only every word he said stuttered violently, it was worse then I had ever heard before and suddenly I understood exactly why he didn't want to speak to me or anybody else.

His recent speech improvements seemed like they had counted for nothing, I saw his reflection open his mouth and he frowned slightly but the words just wouldn't come out.

"Connor?" I whispered catching his attention, he glanced at me and then pointed to his mouth, it parted slightly and a faint sound came out but nothing else happened. I wandered forward and gently placed my hand on his back, it wasn't that he didn't want to talk to me, he just couldn't. "You don't have to hide away from me Connor, just because you can't speak, you don't have to be embarrassed."

"I-I-I-I..." He took a deep breath between each word trying to make it easier to express himself. "L-l-l-l-l-ov-v-v-ve..." I watched him blink and then turn away giving up on what he wanted to say, so I took his hand and pulled him back to look at me.

"I love you too."