The Game

You will hear
Hear a bell, calling you here
For she is waiting

Come to the lake
But do not take,
All belongs to her

It may make you rich
But you will be a witch,
And burn in her wrath

Follow the dove
Do you see it move?
It will lead you

Stay on the path
Do not go to Bath,
This is a game

Do you see the door?
Beware of the ore,
The key is hidden

Go into the dark
Follow the bark
It will guide you

There will be light
And she will be in your sight,
But be wary of allusions

Have a strong mind,
Do not be bind,
Tricks are part of the game

At last, she will stand
For you have reached her land
At last, you have come

A/N: I wrote this in the middle of the class when I saw two words rhymed. I think I will use it in one of my stories (Sixteen Candles). The poem is hints to a quest, I suppose. That's the general idea behind it. I might change some of it later.