The Count peeked out of his window wondering if his potential brides arrived yet. This island had a long history with the night world and therefore was important to vampires. Many people from the night world tried to claim this island as their own, but none has successfully acquired this island. He kept it closed to anyone who knew about the island and made sure that this island was never discovered by humans; closing both doors to the Night world and the human world. Living on the island with him was the house nanny, Jade and the few loyal servants he had.

Staring from a small window in his castle that will only allow him to see who was entering the island through the harbor, he saw a women dressed in a deep red dress , whose hair was as black as ashes from burning woods, her beauty shine through her soft, smooth, well taken care of skin. The second one was just as lovely as the first, her skin was a little tanned, she was tall, perhaps only a couple of inches shorter than he. The second girl wore clothes that well defined her body shape, showing all the curves that she possessed. Her short light brown hair contoured her heart shape face. The third one looked like an angel from heaven; if there really was a heaven. She was quite small with her long wavy blonde hair passed her waist. Her skin was fair and the rosy blush added to her charm. Three beautiful choices, but why did he only see three choices when there was suppose to be a fourth lady. Perhaps the last one had given up already, he thought. Each beauty had their own servants carrying their needs telling him that they must all come from royal night world families.

The Count was about to turn from the window to prepare to go greet his potential brides when he saw a girl, a human girl from the looks of it, stumbling with a suitcase and a large gray bag. She wasn't glowing, nor was her clothes eye catching. He believed that the way she dressed would be the way of the outside world. The normal clothes that all who lived in the outside world wear every day. A second glance at her stumbling body, he felt a sharp pain, a call for human blood.

A knock from the door made him glide smoothly behind his desk and said "come in."

"Count La Quinn Kristopher, your brides has arrived."

He stroll passed Jade and replied, "I am well aware of this, jade. I will go meet them." Stepped out of the room and headed outside to the court yard where he will finally be introduced to his potential life mate with the thought of why he decided to allow this to happen. Why he encouraged it by giving gifts to all of those who participated in this competition.