please don't go away, you're
making a mistake. you & i
were meant to be…


i feel like shit, there's
acid twisting & burning in my stomach & i
think i'm dying without you here holding me.

you told me once that i can talk
to you whenever i need to—is that
still true, baby? or do you regret
asking me about my life & what
was bothering me?

whenever i try to talk, you avoid me
& when i want you to be with me,
you have other things to do, other
people to keep happy & other places
to be.

you're breaking me apart, you're
tearing the skin from my bones.

please mitchell, talk to me, don't
let me spend another night
crying & cutting & wanting to
just disappear.

your arms closed around me today & i
was surrounded by you. i smelled your
skin, your hair, your breath, & i felt
like for just a few seconds, i was
safe. but here i am alone, without you,
& i feel like i'm never going to see you again,
never going to feel your fingers touch my skin
or hear you whisper

"i love you."