The idiotic DarkNeko presents: Short story corner.

What's said in the title is what this is all about. Please enjoy and review.


Short Story 0.5: Kishijoten the invincible Superhero Slayer!- Very short and very lame.

Kishijoten is up to her old weirdness again, I guess she gets that from me. This is an 'extra' story to be the entre of the main short stories about killing off super heroes to make way for real heroes. -Completed- T for violence and maybe strange language.

Short Story 0.5.5: The time travelers demented daughter.-Short story about my time on my holidays.

Another entre about the strange things that happened on my holidays and written out of boredem. A very very short story. -Completed- T or M for adult themes

Short Story 1: Zombies and Bishounen- Mystery, action and horror.

A story about bishounen and zombies, trust and weirdness.

Short Story 2: That Random Guy {A Guy with a serious ultimatum} – Male Prostitute, unwanted love and maybe romance?

A story about a girl that's bad with handling flirts from boys, a male prostitute looking for real love and a serious ultimatum that turns out to have a twist. May include confusing plot at the end. Rated: T or M.

Short Stroy 3: Hit and run.-A clueless girl, romance and some humor.

*Discontinued, well more of deleted* Even though I say I don't give up on stories I just couldn't think of an ending for this. Maybe it's because my sister sucked up all of my food supplies that I can't think straight.

Short Story 4: A smile becomes a kiss: Stalker Shizu! Part one.- A request story from Opaque Diamond(T-T Why couldn't I think of such a plot?!)

Exactly what Opaque Diamond wrote except let's hope there's not too much pervertedness. May contain, cross-dressing, masturabtion, some yaoi-ish and some traces of nuts so if you have an allergy please do stay far away. (XD Oh shoot, I think while writing the story I've grown a little perverted...)

Inteview with an idiot.-A short break before we contiue with part 2 of Stalker Shizu.

Most of DarkNeko-sama's characters will interview her and talk about the stories ahead, but will things end with a death?

Short Story 4: A smile becomes a kiss: Stalker Shizu! Part two.

*In the progress of writing (It takes some time you know!)

I'll update soon and add more chapters from time to time so stay tuned and most of this stuff is kinda rated +T or something like that.

Also please review or tell me what you think. Is it good, bad or just plain weird just tell me anything because DarkNeko-sama wants to know what's on your mind 'cause DarkNeko-sama is one of those stalker-things who likes to know what her preys are thinking :D So you better watch your back every time before you go to sleep, 'cause she's out there somewhere planning her next victims.