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A smile becomes a kiss: Stalker Shizu, Part Two.

"Oh shit…" I say.

The sound of splattered liquid fell to the floor and I looked down to see it was blood but it came from the boy. It took me a while but I finally realized he was having a nosebleed.

"… P-Pervert!!" I say trying to hide away what I was doing and faced the other way.

"Oh, sorry… I thought that it wasn't occupied…" He then paused for a moment and then I could hear shock in his voice, "W-Wait what the hell are you doing?!"

I can't hide this any longer… I might as well share it with some, but it should be with someone I trust not with some random… but still…

"Oh, I get it…" He says, making me flinch in my special corner, "You're those types of girls who… well you know… does that stuff. Don't worry, I won't think less of you…"

I took a peak at the boy and wondered if he really thought of me as a girl. He had red hair and dark brown eyes and was smiling even though he was having a gush of blood coming from his nose… wait he's having a nosebleed!! That pervert!! To my dismay I slapped him across the face, well it's a girl reflex, making him fly across the room and smashing into the door. So what if I was a bit strong, I am a boy after all.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I say with a cute tone in my voice to sound innocent, "It's just a reflex…"

"Ah, I should be the one who's sorry for walking in like that… but do you know anything about stopping nosebleeds." He got up to his feet like it was nothing, he's strong indeed.

The thought of running out of the room came to my head but I knew I couldn't do this to the boy. I quickly fixed up my uniform and helped him up. I grabbed some tissues and held them onto his nose. He stared at me and then began looking at my uniform.

"So… you're one of those girls…" He starts.

"Huh?" I ask, sounding like I didn't know what he was talking about.

"The ones who… wear their skirts up high, wear too much make-up, cosplays during school time and… does that stuff…" He says.

"… Can you keep a secret…" I can't believe I'm saying this… "… I'm actually…"

The door slammed open causing me to swerve around to see, in my dismay, Kazuma-kun on a stretcher with a nosebleed and a dopey look on his face.

"Can you make way for us, this is an emergency." The nurse urges us.

I was quickly on my feet helping the red haired boy off the small hospital-like bed. The nurse and a teacher placed Kazuma on the bed gently and I felt like holding him close to me and nurse him back to health but not like this… not in this room… not in the same room I-I… well let's keep it confidential.

"Kazuma-kun!" I finally say.

He turned his head and smiled very dopily, "Hey, gorgeous…"

Oh hell… he's on drugs… but why?

"He can't really answer back properly because we put him on anesthetics. He kind of… smashed into a wall head first and became unconscious for a while…" The nurse explained, "I'm not sure what had made him do that though… maybe he was in a daze…"

Must have been me…

"Hey, hey! Shizu… wanna go to a party? It's at my place this weekend… here I'll write my address on your hand…" He grabs my hand without me answering and got a pen out of nowhere and started writing, "It's a costume party… I'm sure you'll look great…"

"Ok, that's enough, Kazuma… Shizu-chan you can go now. I already have two patients to deal with, I'm sure you'll be fine…" The nurse points me to the door and I quickly obey.

When I was outside of the room, I had nearly cracked into a dance routine to show how happy I am. Kazuma-kun invited me to a party! Costume party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party!

"Party!!!" I yell down the hallway with a squeal.

Oh, but what am I gonna wear? I guess it's time for Mitsuya Shizuma to investigate on Kazuma's tastes…


I walk into PE class as my boy version, Mitsuya Shizuma, without the teacher even noticing an intruder. I sat next to Kazuma again… I placed a mental note that Kazuma always sits out on PE class and sat there waiting for a conversation to come on.

"So… You're still interested in Shizu?" Kazuma starts to my surprise.

"… I guess I've lost interest…" I say trying to act cool.

"… That's too bad…" He says and stares back into the field.

It stays quiet like this for a few more minutes when I couldn't take it any longer. I lost my cool and went ahead with the talking.

"So, if a girl wore a cosplay outfit what kind would you like the most?" I ask.

"… You know those black cat ears?" Kazuma asks and I nod, "I hate them. What I like is that if a girl would dress up like a maid with rabbit ears and tail. But it should be flashy as well. That would be the best, you know?"

I nodded again surprised that he is indeed wise and good looking at the same time. He is indeed god himself, almighty and wise.

"You are very wise, Kazuma…" I say.

"I know." He says with a smile.

For some reason I felt that if I can't really have Kazuma-kun as my boyfriend then it would be better if we became friends…. Yeah, that sounds nice…


I came home all tired and sleepy to find my sister staring at me from the couch. I know that I should tell her what I'm doing but I don't have the guts to. I inhaled enough oxygen I could and took quick steps towards her.

"Nee-chan!! I-I've fallen in love with Kazuma-kun! And, and… I'm going to cross-dress for the rest of my life!! That's what I've chosen… also Onee-chan! I've been stalking him all this time! Plus I've been masturbating whenever I see him, is that healthy? Please Onee-chan!! Understand me!" I say without even taking an inch of breath to my lungs.

I almost collapsed onto the floor but her eyes made me stand up. She wasn't mad… she was observing me. With a flick of her hair she smiled.

"It's obvious what you're doing. Onee-chan had already found out what was going on…" She says smiling wickedly, "And you're here to ask me for some help. Fine, I'll help you. Since I am a great sister it'll be without paying me anything."

"What? Seriously, Onee-chan?!" I quickly hugged her in delight, "You have to help me! This weekend I'm invited to Kazuma-kun's party, can you help me?"

"Of, course. What are sisters for? But first we have to make you act lady-like and stop dressing like a slut, it's not natural for you." She says pointing at me uniform.

"Oh…" I say acting all dumb.

"Yaoi is a hard subject…" She starts placing her figure onto her lips with a thoughtful look, "So… Who's gonna be the uke? You know the one that—"

I stared at her so she could shut up with the whole yaoi business but she goes on explaining.

"Seme is the one who's the leader in this stuff. He's handsome and has experience… knowing you two both of you don't have much of an experience at this. The uke is the one that receives it, so he has to be cute and all." She says it with a straight face but I couldn't help myself but laugh, "Hey! This is some important stuff here!!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just that it's so funny how you say it…" I say getting up from the floor, "But how do you know all of this yaoi things?"

She pauses and then smiles, "One word: Fanfiction. Darling, it's all about Fanfiction."

I nodded at her wisdom and insisted for her to go on. For the rest of the afternoon I was taught to be lady-like and to control my urges… but there's this part of me that can't resist sometimes, a really dark side of me…

For the rest of the afternoon I was left in my bedroom waiting for my sister to hire a maid's dress for the party along with rabbit ears and tail. She said she knows someone who'll give half-price for it but I have a feeling it's from the black market. My eyes started to drop and I began to feel sleepy for some reason… I slapped my cheek to keep me up but it didn't work so I fell asleep and dreamt of Kazuma-kun.


The next thing I heard was my sister calling for my name but I shrugged it off and continued to dream.

"Hey! Shizu-chan!! Wake up!!" Then I heard a sigh, "And stop masturbating! It's disturbing that you can do that in your sleep."

I jolted up and sat on my bed. I looked away from her in embarrassment and out of nowhere a maid dress was held in front of me. It was very short and black, it had the traditional maid style with a big white bow at the back and puffy bloomers.

"Onee-chan! It's just like the one in the animes!!" I say hugging her.

"Hey, Hey! Wash your hands next time you touch me. You have 5 more hours until the party so get ready." She then smiled, "We don't want Cinderella to be late for the ball, know do we?"

I nodded and went over the plan in my head. With determination in my hands, I will get Kazuma-kun!! But what about his girlfriend?


I got to the party not too late and not too early. To my surprise I saw the red-head kid from the nurses office in the party as well but today he was dressed up as a scary-side of Ronald McDonald… He waved to me and I instantly felt shivers down my spine.

"Hey, Shizu-chan is it?" He says holding out a hand, "Don't worry, I'll keep your secret…"

"Uh… thanks…" I say shaking his hand, "Why did you have a nosebleed? Are you some kind of pervert?"

"No, No!" He says it with a smile which even freaked me out, "I got hit by a soccer ball and my nose started to bleed…"

"… Nice to know…" I started to look around to find someone else to talk to, "Um, do you know where Kazuma-kun is?"

"I'm not sure… I remember last seeing him with his girlfriend… It seemed like they were in a fight or something."

"A fight?" I need to find him soon before something bad might happen.

I began to run through the crowd and I heard the red-haired boy calling for me but it was already too late. The determination ran its course through my veins and I soon began sprinting and looking around frantically for Kazuma. I didn't even realize the plan I had made with my sister.

I ran pass an open room and then stopped. Kazuma was standing there with a sadden look and his girlfriend was also standing in front of him with her arms crossed. Without realizing I was already standing between Kazuma and the girlfriend. She looked at me surprised for one moment then angry the next.

"Is she the one? Huh?!" She says pointing at me and I gulped and prayed for my life.

"No! You've got it wrong… She's just a friend…" He says.

With guilt inside of me I slowly took a step forward. Out of nowhere she slapped me across my face.

"Yeah right! Kazuma-kun… I know you've been cheating on me." She was about to slap me again when a serious amount of courage swept across me and I grabbed her arm. "Hey, let go!"

"Kazuma-ku… He's not lying. You should have more faith in him…" I say with my head down, "Please… stop fighting…"

I look up at her to see if I got through to her but her face didn't change. Nothing I say can get through to her… she's already angry… I knew I shouldn't have done this… To my surprise she began to chuckle.

"Heh! Even Kazuma needs a little girl to fight for him!! What a wimp…" She began to smile but I could see that in her eyes was something different… more of malicious… "You need a maid to clean up your mess. It suits you, little girl…"

I looked at Kazuma and he quickly looked away from me. But in that split second I could see pain in his eyes… it sadden me, I never want to see Kazuma-kun like this… Never again! I threw out the plan I had with my sister and decided to go with hand-to-hand combat.

I punched her with my free hand but she ducked. In return she held both of my hands to restrain me and kicked me in the stomach making me fall to the ground. I sensed that she was looming over me… I squirmed and winced… I wished that Onee-chan would be here to help me… No, I shouldn't rely on her. I'll be fine. I'll be…

"What you gonna do now? Huh? Little girl…" She says kicking me. I quickly grabbed her leg and bit it.

She quickly fell to the ground and I got up with more confidence. I turned to Kazuma and smiled trying to hide my pain.

"Kazuma-kun… Don't worry, I'll help you…" I say smiling still.

"Shizu…" He starts then his expression changed.

I felt a pain run up my spine… it was indescribable… My tears fell down to the carpet… I turned around to see something poking at my back. I've been stabbed…

"Shit!" I say, reaching for the object.

"You didn't expect that, little maid!" She says it with pride, "I can't believe Kazuma was going to dump me for you! Tch, you can't even fight properly…"

With one swift pull I got out the object and dropped it on the floor. Her jaw nearly fell open in shock that I had enough guts to do that.

"I'm not sure what's going on… but… I'll protect Kazuma!" I say pointing at myself with my blood stained hands.

"Oh… and what's he to you?" She starts, "A lover, crush? Your prey?"

I took a step forward, "He's… He's…"

"Shizu… Stop it!" Kazuma says but I ignored him.

"Even though it wouldn't work between us… He'll always be my friend! No matter what!!" I say and instantly slapping her so hard that she flew across the room.

She landed in the corner, unconsciously. I can't believe my strength… I can't believe what I did… but… I protected Kazuma! Score one for Shizu-chan!!

"Shizu… You're bleeding…" Kazuma says pointing at my back, "You need to go to hospital…"

Out of nowhere my sister came into the room with the exact costume as me and she looked just like me.

"Shizu-chan! What happened? What about the plan?" She starts and then notices I was bleeding.

"Wh-What? There's two Shizu's?!" Kazuma says.

I collapsed onto the floor due to loss of blood. I was half unconscious and I could hear nearly everything… Some piece of material was being ripped apart… I opened my eyes to find my torso naked and Kazuma looking down on me with shock.

"You're… You're…" He starts and then breaths out, "You're flat-chested!"

I wanted to slap him there and then. But I was too sluggish to do anything… I need to tell him the truth and maybe the truth shall set me free… One way or another I guess I'm gonna go on those drug trips…


I woke up in the hospital and my eyes met Kazuma's the instant I had awoken. Heart skipping a beat and all of that other crap had happened. He smiled at me and then hugged me.

"I… I'll accept you for who you are… Shizu-kun…" He whispers on my neck.

"Y-You know?" I say.

"Your sister told me. I'm surprised you had to do all of that just for me…" He pulled away from me and held that perfect smile of his, "Just like I said. I accept you for who you are. What I mean is… I love you, Shizu…"

I looked around for cameras or something like that and then it hit me, "Oh…this must be one of those drug trips… I get it now… Heh, this isn't really happening…"

"Ah, Shizu… this is real…" Kazuma starts. I placed a figure on his lips and hushed him.

"Whatever you say, Kazuma-kun… As long I have you as my boyfriend or whatever then everything would be alright…" I say dozily, "Now, it's time for me to wake up from this dream… Someone pinch me…"

Kazuma pinched me and I felt an acute pain go through my arm. He smiled at me and I stared at him shocked.

"This isn't a dream. Shizu… I want you to be mine…" He says with a wider smile, "You're the only one for me Shizu, I've realized that now…"

"Eh?" Was the only thing I could say before he kissed me and then I knew that I was definitely in heaven.


I was walking with my sister and I was incredibly in a total space of bliss. Its graduation day and I finally got Kazuma-kun and now I've stopped cross-dressing… well most of the time. The cherry blossoms made my day even more better as I watch them dance around us. Romance is so better off when you've got the right ending. But now my sister is being a grump because I got a boyfriend instead of her, so now I'm arranging her to meet the red-haired kid and go on a date to return the favor.

"I'm happy for you Shizu-chan… but do you have to keep on wearing the girls school uniform?" She asks.

"Just for today! Kazuma-kun says he has a surprise for me afterwards…" I looked out oblivious, "I wonder what it is…."

"Geeze, Shizu… you don't have a single clue about relationships…" She says with a sigh.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed out a picture of Kazuma and showed it to my sister, "Hey! Check it! It's my boyfriend…" I looked down to realize it was a picture of Pikachu, "Oh shit, wrong photo…"

I pulled out another photo that showed Kazuma in a maid's outfit that was borrowed from my sister.

"Hey, isn't he cute? Maybe we can be cross-dressers together?" I say happily.

"Yeah, and you can have cross-dressing children together. Then I'll be an aunt of weirdos…" She sighs and bumps into the red-haired boy making her blush.

"Hey, you look just like Shizu…" He says.

"Uh… Thank you…" Her blush deepened and I felt like my mission is accomplished, "See you, Shizu-chan!"

She walks off with him and I felt like crying. Then someone patted my shoulder. Kazuma-kun was looking at me with a huge smile and I smiled back.

"Hey, Shizu-chan… You're looking gorgeous today." He leans in to kiss my forehead making me blush.

"Not here, Kazuma-kun!" I say getting embarrassed.

"Aw, you're so cute too."

We began to walk to the school and I knew that all was well and that this ending can be a happy ending with all of the squishy, squishy, mushy, beautiful yaoi love that's so-so cute. Long live Yaoi pairings!! And Hard-core porn for all young teenage boys!

-The End-

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