I want you to stop in your tracks

I want you to be able to see beyond

Past the flawless skin

The luscious lips

The bodacious booty

All of that.

I want you too see that girl

The quiet one in the back of class

The incredibly smart one who doesn't utter a word

The one who sneaks peeks slyly, but blushes at any thought

You asking her out?

No no no way

You asking her for homework help

That'll lay the first brick.

I want you to be amazed at her loyalty

I want you to be frozen by her subtle beauty

She doesn't seem a Fox upon first glance

But give her a second more of your time

And you'll see

Everything you are to her

She will be to you

She wants to stop you in your tracks

She wants you to love her

She wants you to realize she really is the one for you

And you for her

She wants you to see that.

But I…

I, at this point, just want you to be happy.

But for another, for two

There still might be a chance.