Well, this story still has a pretty good number of followers, so I figured I should let you guys know that I am finally, finally rewriting it. FP doesn't do links, but if you go to my profile, you'll find the new one. :) And you'll probably either love me for rewriting it or hate me for making a lot of changes to it, haha.

Okay, but seriously. I am so, so very grateful to everyone who read, reviewed, favorited, and followed this story. You see, Simmer holds a special place in my heart because writing it helped me through a lot of tragedy and grief, and I might never have finished the first draft if it hadn't been for you guys. You already have my eternal love and gratitude, but if you're still on the site and you'd be kind of enough to check out the rewrite, and maybe even review it, I will love you even more. Thank you! 3