Theater of the Gods

The gods of these worlds so love awesome things

They made us to applaud at their wonders and wiles.

To make us feel awe, they just pull all the strings.

Legends say they decide which of us will be kings

Or shall scorn their great word and be branded as vile.

The gods of our worlds do so love awesome things.

One tale reports they gave us twenty rings:

Grouped in nine, seven, three, one for he who defiles

Who, to make us feel awe, tried to pull all the strings.

The gods find amusement in those defying

Their will: take Ulysses, cursed, roaming the isles

Of Greece, for his gods truly loved awesome things.

Lovely gifts they bestow: shining crowns, angel wings

And those who seek power need only to smile

And bow down, feel awe, let the gods pull their strings.

Do you not wish to gaze at the marvels they bring?

Do you wish to see heroes of myth go senile?

For the gods of this world create awesome things,

But in order to do so, must pull all the strings.