Lovely is this lonely night
With darkness cloaking all I see
The only thing within my sight;
That circle staring back at me

The hour of Lunacy is nigh
When leis of light and strings of shade
Are wildly, freely dancing by
Crossing lines to make worlds fade

The Lady's solemn gaze enthrals
And twists the shadows into shapes
The veils of fear begin to fail
As one by one they shed their drapes

The hour of Lunacy is nigh
She gently plays her moonlight lutes
Her children hear her silent sigh
And answer with their ghostly flutes

They spin her silver threads of spells
All a part of their little scheme
I'm led by midnight madrigals
Into that lycanthropic dream

The hour of Lunacy is nigh
Now all her children gather near
Those quiet, silent shapes that fly
Are things no longer cloaked in fear

Lovely is this lively night
With brothers enveloping me
No longer is this silent sight
The same as what I know you see