I woke today with many cares that weighed upon my mind
My prayers were of supplication, for blessings and for rest
Yet while I spoke the heart-felt words, I could not bear to find
The faith to break away the burdens I still held within my breast

So many doubts, so many fears, so many things unknown
And still uncounted lay Your Words, Your promises of peace
The weakness of the flesh was clear when I was once alone
But still I could not cast my care to find that sweet release

I went into the world today, still harbouring some clouds
And constantly my thoughts did drift, to worrying and wonder
But how can I attempt to pierce what You chose to leave in shrouds?
So for a season, as I tried, all I could do was flounder

I came before Your Throne of Grace, now at the close of day
What should I find, but a gentle nudge from my Shepherd's guiding rod?
As a loving Father to His son, You chased my fears away
And whispered comfort, "Be still, and know that I am God."