I sing a song, a melody
Of peace and blissful harmony.
Give thanks to Him who reigns above,
With care and wisdom, strength and love.

I sing a song, a tune of praise
To Him who from the Pits did save
Who bought our souls with Christ's dear blood
And saved us from the fiery flood.

I sing a song, a rousing cry
Heed Him, the Lord, who cometh nigh!
The time draws close, the End of Days,
Where He will us to Heaven raise.

I sing a song, a battle chant,
Defy the darkened seed and plant!
Hold on to Truth, forever strong,
His Word eternal, never wrong.

I sing a song, a call to arms,
Beware, the demon seeks our harm!
Lock thy shields and ready thy swords
Thy faith unfalt'ring as our Lord's.

I sing a song, a wishful hum
Oh Lord, I pray, be swift and come!
Chase back the mounting, evil storm
And clothe us in that holy form.