The First Door

Step by step into the black
Down to dungeons dark and cold
Bloodless wails from jaws gone slack
Tortured screams of those once bold

"Welcome, Welcome!" this my cry
As deeper, deeper in we go
"Welcome, welcome! Don't be shy"
While Terror drags your pace too slow

Red and ripe the wounded grin
Past the cells of a broken mind
And scarcely heard above the din
Come the footsteps just behind

Still "Welcome, Welcome!" is my cry
As deeper, deeper in we go
No thought for twinkles in the eye
Since Terror dragged your wit too slow

Misted panes and frosted glass
Dementors stand with darker shades
Shadows glide and sidle pass
And whisper of the pain of blades

And "Welcome, Welcome!" rings the cry
As deeper, deeper in we go
Behind you Terror on the sly
Creeps softly, softly, as you slow

At last we reach the final stair
The stench of death wafts from below
"Enter, then, if you so care
The First Door's horror here we stow"

"Welcome! Welcome!" is the cry
As deeper, deeper, in you go
Fearfully you walk, for breath you sigh
Your blood flows dangerously slow

And now you stand, afraid and dazed
A flash of teeth, the creature leers
Horrified, your eyes are glazed
Blinded to the other fears

No longer does the "Welcome!" cry
Come loud and jarring to your ears
Your body cools, in blood you lie
And Terror drains your final tears