The Slayers Six

Arise! With sword and spell, arise!
We'll rout the rabble, smite the hosts
Drive them all to their dark demise!
Hunt them down and banish their ghosts!

I twist, she turns, he spins, we strike!
As one we move, as one we dance
Cackling while the foe squeals in fright
And onward through the fight we prance!

Too many? Too much? Nonsense! Tripe!
Each one of us counts for thousands!
Nothing can stand against our might!
They'll fall like leaves, fall by dozens!

Z builds heaps of charred, smoking flesh,
I cast my spell, Grim swings his Book,
Tomn talks, Fors cleaves through their weak mesh,
Ren fells them with a single look!

Whatever works! Anything goes!
We'll stab, we'll gang, we'll even gank,
And make them squirm in their death throes!
Tactics! Ambush! Trip or trap! Flank!

We'll fight until the battle's won
Loot the bodies that spread for miles
And chuckle over what we've done
And cackle at our fighting styles!