Lonely, in her bones;
loves lost, marrow broken
sucked dry by expectation,
explanation. Expired.
One square inch in silence,
of the screaming rage,
the new sickness
of broken hearts beating
the unsuppressed memory.
Explorations. Exploitation.
Excited, merely extorted.
Ache in her bones;
cold dread, missing meaning.
Lost to time, circumstance.
Circumference. Situation.
Saturated, soaked,
shaking from the weighted witness.
Broken body crushed
to the hollowed husk
of the twisted romantic:
Rather love, seek its pain
than hate the beautiful cause.
All for effect, effort.
Self imposed gilded trap,
self-inflicted, sorted understanding.
Unexpressed, finally undo.
Understated, unwelcomed.
Chilled to her bones.
Cold shouldered to warmth
numbs hollow beating, bleating.
Bleeding all for believing.
Beast now, breaking;
The new sickness
unsettled. Unsettling.