Tangled limbs, more than
the hot, pressed flesh;
Opened doors, and arms:
the slow seeping,
soul soaking,
and all consuming
but eyes unblinded
and words unmasked.
Loved, despite of,
or rather because:
organic, changing growth,
at once now in familiar comfort,
not a past rewritten,
or ever erased,
but the flame pushed through.
Slow danced desires;
the well tended and treaded embers,
sought for salvation,
reached for protection
and the well guarded trust:
Love, in the lusted balance.
Spelled out in touch,
spoken wordlessly:
Much needed match
before, by and on my side;
the words of possibility,
hopeful probability.
Of blanketed, folded hands
and tightened, protective legs,
with one,
the heart and home founded,