The Spirit of the Night

I'm waiting, Somnus, waiting, still,
Come claim me with that gentle hand.
Unite me with your silent will
And free me from this dreary land.

Lead me, Somnus, lead me on
Past sheets and pillows snug and warm
To see once-were's and others gone
And greet the faceless with no form.

But more I yearn, dear Somnus, friend,
Let lines be smudged and senses slurred.
Bring me far past each fall and end
And let reality be blurred.

So guide me, Somnus, guide me now
Through foolish Time and feeble Space.
Let me break through the standard trow
And find that mindless, sensuous place.

I'm waiting, Somnus, waiting still
For you to come and brush my mind.
Call me with that etheric trill
So I can leave this world behind.