There's only a small amount of time left, so I have to make this quick.

Go to the apartment building. As in my apartment. Make sure you're alone, unless you're with Frances or Jett. The key's under the welcome sign rug. Don't put it in the key hole right under the door knob. Put it in the peep hole. Make sure no one is looking at what you're doing.

Roy and I are in a hurry now. We can't stick around to write this letter to you. If they've come to where you live, you have to hurry and get out. Don't bring anyone with you. Don't tell anyone where you're going. Just get out and run as fast as you can. Make sure they don't see you and that no one knows whether or not you're still alive.

If you're still reading this, than they've already found out about you. They know what you're doing, where you are, and how you got this. They've just barged in to our hide out. We're currently hiding in the shoe closet.

Make sure you're hiding while you're reading this so you'll be safe. No one is with you, or they'll rat you out. Don't trust anyone besides Frances McCarthy and Jett McCarthy. They're siblings who travel the world. There is no definite place where they live, but attached to this letter is their schedule of departures and other stuff. They're one of us. The only reason they're free is because they know everything about the organization and has a plan to spread the truth about the organization to the world if the organization attempts to take them the same way you might be taken you don't get the freakin' hell out of where ever you are. You're in danger. There is no stopping what they may do to you.

Many of my close comrades were taken already. You should be careful of who you talk to, where you go, and most especially, who sees you. They know what your face looks like. They can most probably see you this moment, unless you're hiding in the shoe closet too.

They're near. Roy is trying to hold his breath already. I can see they're foot steps right in front of the closet door.

They're gone. Roy's telling me to wrap this up, so the last thing I have to tell you…

Watch your back.

Jett And Frances' schedule:

January 8: Arizona

January 24: New York

January 30: Washington

February 5: Boston

February 7: Miami

February 21: Greece

February 28: Italy

March 5: Rome

March 15: France :3

March 20: Canada

April 20: Malaysia

April 30: Singapore

May 5: Manila, Philippines

May 10: Thailand

June 6: Japan

July 12: China

August 5: Connecticut

August 12: Georgia

August 30: Hawaii! :3 cut that out Frances!

September 15: Alabama :((

September 25: Idaho

October 30: Transylvania :(( Now you cut that out, Jett!

November 5: Delaware

December 20: Israel

December 30: San Francisco