If life were a fairytale,
She'd be Cinderella;
Nearly destroyed.

Yet she ne'er stops
To think of herself
Or where she'd best be safe.
Sleep interrupted
To rush to my side
And lead me to safety.

A queen disguised
By a life of destruction
And fear.
She's hidden b'neath
A mask of lead;
Protecting a frail and
Lonely heart.

The warrior
Saved my life;
Gave me purpose;
Kept my feet on the ground.

She rushed in on a cloud
Of dust rising from
Thousands of racing horses.
Grace and mercy
Reflecting her brilliant beauty;
A beauty unmatched on this earth.

Yet none of this
She sees in herself.
Oh that I could be a mirror
To reflect,
If just for a moment,
The radiant Queen
Awaiting within.