Just another day

Some days are rough

Starting with over sleeping

Skipping breakfast

Soon after

All seems to

Go a little right

When you catch

The bus or train

It all goes back down

When you forget

A project or assignment

After arriving home

From a clumsy ride

Thinking nothing worse

Is to happen

You realize

Your missing wallet

What a rotten day

Some days are okay

Waking up a little early

With a quick eat

Before school

All homework

Is turned in

A test easily done

A quick ride home


Taking all night

What a day

Some days are super great

Perhaps no school or work

Is what it is

Or one with nothing but play

No homework

No tests

No worries to fear

A day at the park

A concert or

Even a party

Should be fun

Either way

Today was a great day

Whether bad

Or good

Or even great

Today, tomorrow

And yesterday

Are just another

Regular day