Learning To Trust

A/N This was inspired by my new Aria novel I'm working on at the moment and in it, Bronx is seeking revenge on those who stopped him and Nalia but especially Izz as he had used very powerfyl Arian magic to seal him in the Realm of Dark Spirits but he is returning and Izz and his kahona need to stop him.

Also listening to the song In the Dark of the Night by Jim Cummings is giving me ideas about Bronx's Dark Flame Equinix.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Kahona means family in Arian.

It was midnight in the human world or Earth as Arians called it as in a certain house in Calvert County, Izz woke with a jolt as he'd woken up from another nightmare as it had been about Bronx and his becoming a dark hearted Arian as well as becoming the Psammeadis Knight of Dark Flame Equinix as he remembered their battle when he along with the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights had went to stop Nalia as he remembered Bronx had nearly sent him to the Realm of Spirits if his best human friend and true ruler of Aria hadn't saved him by using her Arian Flame powers as they had revived him but had made her into a Psammead like him and Yuri but he could tell she didn't care as long as he was safe and alive.

"You okay?

You had another bad dream about what happened, right?" a voice said.

It belonged to a female Psammead with the same features and soft silver grey fur as his as he nodded in reply.

"Yes it was about the battle and Bronx sending me to the Realm of Spirits while he hurt those I care about.

How come you haven't had any dreams about it?" he said to her.

"I'm fine Izzard.

Right now I'm a little worried about you.

Your and Bronx's birthday is coming up.

I know Bronx turned against us but you shouldn't let that stop you from celebrating the day you were born as you're special and Leah and I are happy you're a part of our family." she said to him.

Izz smiled sadly as he knew she was right as he hadn't been himself since they had taken care of Nalia but it was more to do with Bronx as he'd cared about him and the brown grey furred Psammead had been like a father to him even if he was his brother.

"You're right." he answered as he felt her rub his back gently.

She hugged him as tears were in her blue snail like eyes as she remembered how terrible Bronx was as the Psammeadis Knight of Dark Flame Wquinix but she and Izz had combined Heart Equinix with Arian Flame to lock Bronx away but she saw Izz clutch his furred head as he'd heard Bronx's voice in his head as he had a feeling he would come to hurt him and those he cared about as his grey furred body shivered in fear and bristled in anger as he couldn't forgive Bronx for betraying not just him but all of Aria.

"He was calling to you again, wasn't he?" she asked.

Izz nodded.

"Yes Carley.

He was taunting that he was coming.

I can't let him hurt our kahona." he answered.

She then saw him climb in beside her in the bed as he began to feel better in her presence but looking at her in her Psammead body made him feel guility as he knew she'd done it for him but hated that even though Ogre Child had shown her how to use Humanix so that other humans wouldn't notice her appearance as he felt her wrap her arms around him as they fell asleep.......

Bronx cackled as he was in the Realm of Dark Spirits as his Dark Flame Equinix powers were returning as making Izz miserable was making him more stronger as he was trying to escape after his brother and the human ruler of Aria had used their hearts and powerful Arian magic to seal him in here but the jet black furred Psammead didn't care as hate and anger filled his heart where love once had been but those days were long gone as he felt strong enough to summon his demon pet that was his only friend as he cackled as he was watching the Robert's house as he knew soon he could get the revenge he so wanted to dish.

"Let's try it since scaring Izz with nightmares is making me stronger." he said.

He then focused as his dark Arian magic engulfed his entire body as a rip was being made in the portal that led to this realm as he growled in pleasure as he walked through it as he knew nothing could stop him now as he headed to Earth........

Izz's snail like eyes opened as he saw it was morning after waking up from a sad dream as he sighed going to the bathroom as he was full of cold sweat as the nightmares were slowly getting to him as he freshened up as Leah put it but he went downstairs to make coffee as that normally woke him up after a bad night's sleep as he entered seeing Leah pack things into a picnic basket as he saw David making pancakes along with Yuri as they saw he was awake but knew he hadn't slept very well as there were dark rings under his snail like eyes as Leah saw him making black coffee as he downed it down as he began to wake up.

"You had another rough night huh Izz?" Leah said.

"W-What makes you say that?" he replied.

"We kind of heard you last night plus you were sleepwalking as David and I found you in the hallway eariler this morning talking about protecting us from Bronx." she answered as there was sadness on his grey furred face as he perked up remembering that they were going to the beach and going there always seemed to have a calming effect on him but didn't know why as Yuri smiled seeing that her brother was a little happier than normal.

The female light purple furred Psammead was seven now and very emotionally attached to David but missed Bronx as they had been close but her bond with Izz was good too but she felt she didn't know him well like she had with Bronx as she'd packed toys to play with at the beach especially water toys as they saw Carley join them as she was in human form after using her Humanix powers but Leah was happy to see her along with Izx as she cared deeply about them.

They were eating breakfast but they hoped things would be okay........

Leah saw that Izz was asleep and in Carley's arms as being around her relaxed him enough to sleep without having nightmares or Bronx bothering him through the emotional tie he and Izz along with Yuri shared but had tried to severe it so Bronx couldn't carry on his attempts but that hadn't worked out too well as they were in the car headed for the beach but she remembered that when Jen had suggested stopping the emotional link hadn't gone too well and had nearly hurt Izz but had made him sick and he'd recovered from it.

She hoped he would be okay as they were listening to music as Yuri was pointing out things as they passed by on the road but finally they arrived at the beach as David parked the car as they got out as Leah along with Carley got the picnic basket out of the trunk as they went to find a good spot as Izz had woken up but was in a better mood than eariler as they had found a great spot as Yuri was playing already in the sand as David smiled at the irony knowing that Psammeads were huge fans of sand.

He watched as Leah along with Carley and Izz were heading for the water and understood as they jumped in as Carley was paddling on a surf board with Izz on her shoulders as he enjoyed water now that it couldn't hurt or kill him but he felr more calmer as they fell into the water as they were splashing each other and having fun.

Later that afternoon as Leah was setting up the rug for lunch, Izz saw something near the rock pools which made him gasp as he saw another Psammead with silver grey fur but could tell it was female but hoped it was still alive as he felt her life force and was relieved to see she was still alive but tired and injured as he saw wounds over her which worried him as he called Carley over but she gasped as she saw what he'd found as she picked the strange Psammead up gently as they went back to where Leah, David and Yuri were but decided to keep this a secret for now between just them as they went to eat and hoped she'd be okay as they couldn't let a fellow Arian be hurt or wander this world alone as there were many mean and cruel people out there waiting to hurt her.

Leah wondered what was wrong but Izz hadn't told her as he knew David wouldn't like it but Carley had to tell her as they were best friends and told each other their deepest secrets as the hazel eyed girl was in awe and wondered how the Psammead they'd found had gotten there at the beach and hoped they could help her as they were playing but Izz was watching them.

He hoped that he could bring Bronx back and knew that would never happen but sighed wishing he could do such a thing as he saw his friends and aister together as he was distracted by whimpering from the basket where Leah had put the female Psammead as he noticed she was waking up and was nervous knowing he needed to get Carley here but saw her having fun and didn't want to ruin it as he decided to handle it alone as he approached the basket as he heard coughing as he saw her emerald snail like eyes open as her vision was blurry and cleared as she was curious about Izz.

"Don't be afraid because I won't hurt you.

I'm Izzard J Nassicus but Izz for short.

What were you doing there by the rock pool?" he said to her.

"I'm Alexa.

My home was destroyed in the storm that happened a few days ago.

That was how you found me there.

But I thought our kind didn't live here.

I don't get it." she said sneezing.

He was worried as he had a feeling she wasn't well as he brought a grey furred hand to her forehead and jerked it away feeling it was very warm as it made him nervous.

He then went to get Carley as he told her what had happened as she understood knowing how worried he got about colds as she reassured him they were going home in a while once they packed things up.

She smiled seeing him protecting her like Bronx used to do for him and Yuri as she knew he was finding that hard to deal with as she understood as they got into the car but hoped he'd be okay.......