Learning To Trust

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Later that evening as Leah was making dinner, Izz was curious about the female Psammead that was in his best human friend's room lying on her bed as he had been helping to clean her wounds as they'd found her injured as he hoped she would wake up so they could talk more as he was hungry and this was distracting him but he heard soft whimpering.

"I-I don't want to be alone anymore." he heard her say.

He then nuzzled her gently as he knew that she had the cold pretty badly and needed to recover and she needed to eat as it would help her but heard her calm down as he hugged her but he was nervous as he knew none of their kind lived on Earth anymore as he hadn't seen her in Aria before.

He then smiled as he heard Yuri call him as he left the room and hoped that Alexa would be okay as he was hungry but knew she'd be okay as they joined their family but right now Bronx wasn't bothering him and it was a good thing as Alexa was a good omen.

But he saw fear in Leah's hazel eyes as Bronx had been sending his former Arian partner nightmares as he along with David and Yuri had heard her screaming late at night as he saw her eating pizza and seemed like her normal self and knew she was doing it so Carley wouldn't worry about her as he knew she cared about Leah deeply as she was a very trusted friend as he was hoping that Alexa would be okay as she seemed alone like he had before meeting Carley and becoming part of a family and wanted to help her do the same as he carried a plate to his and Carley's room as he heard the sound of a music box playing in the room as he noticed that Alexa was awake as he saw her look and face him as she gritted her teeth in agony as her wounds hurt her as he then saw her sink to her silver grey furred knees as he was nervous as he helped her onto the bed as her energy was drained because of the cold.

"It's okay Alexa.

You're safe.

You woke up huh?

The others and I were worried about you as we thought you wouldn't heal.

You must be hungry." he reassured her.

She yawned a little as they drank on the bed but he was curious about her as she knew that he would be because she felt the same about him as she wondered why he would stay here in this world when he could be among their kind as he sighed hearing that as he couldn't explain right now as he saw Carley join him as she had been worried about him as he'd left but Alexa hid from the female human as Izz was confused by that as he knew the female was his best human friend.

He then saw Alexa come out of hiding after Carley had left but he wondered what bugged her.

"I can't believe that you live with humans.

We're solitary beings Izz.

We never attach ourselves to humans emotionally as they hate us.

They're the reason........ we die." she answered.

Izz couldn't believe what he was hearing as he knew humans could be mean and cruel to Psammeads but she'd just insulted his family and that was something he couldn't take hearing as he left the room as Alexa sighed.

Leah and Carley heard Izz crying and were very worried as nothing truly bothered him besides Bronx as they found him curled up in a ball in Leah's room as they sat on the bed as the silver grey furred Psammead looked up and saw his friends there as he wiped tears away as they were shockrd as he explained what had made him so sad as they couldn't believe what Alexa had said as Carley stroked his furry back as he was still visibly upset as they could understand that he'd been hurt through his loyalty to his family.

"It's okay Izzard.

Maybe she was with a mean human in this world because that's the only way she'd say that stuff but she's wrong about wanting to live here and among us as you were miserable being alone before we met.

She just needs to see things our way." Carley said to him.

Leah agreed as she decided to leave them alone

She hoped he would be okay as they cared about him deeply along with Yuri as they were nobody was abandoned or left to wander this world alone as she went to see Alexa in the spare room but right now she was too angry to speak to her without doing something as she went to join David but heard him reading to Yuri as he was putting her to bed.

She smiled as she knew David enjoyed this as much as Yuri.

Later that night Bronx smiled as he saw that Alexa didn't trust Leah or Carley and David which made him happy as he could use an ally to help him get revenge but had a feeling she cared about Izz and he had too until she'd talked coldly about his Earth family as he chuckled sending his brother and Leah nightmares......