I awoke to a worried face standing over me. I was being rushed through a busy hospital corridor. As I oriented myself to my surroundings and my vision cleared, I realized who was next to me.

"Mom? Mom, what's going on?" I asked her confusedly.

"It's okay, hunny," she said with tears in her eyes. "The police called me when they found you in the park. Do you remember what happened?"

"It was Kerry, ma. He jumped me when I was walking home." I left out the part about my date with Adri; I didn't want her to know about him yet. A sharp pain pierced through my thoughts.

"Ughh," I moaned. "He stabbed me, he actually had a knife and stabbed me!" I was in shock. I was rushed into a room and was given some 'Happy Juice'.

"He came back. He came and stabbed me. He came back… he came back… he came ba-" I dozed off into my daze of panic and confusion.


I was in a field of wildflowers, wearing a flowing white dress that blew with a wind that I didn't feel. I was running, I wasn't sure what my destination was, but I had one. I jumped across a babbling brook and fell into the flowers. The sun was so bright, the clouds like fluffs of cotton elegantly drifting across the blue sky. I turned my head to left; Adri was there. I drowned in his eyes. I was in the depths of the ocean, naked. I couldn't feel the cold water on my skin; I couldn't hear the echoes that I was sure surrounded me. I swam upwards until I could see a dull light. I felt like I needed air. As I swam faster and higher the light got brighter and brighter. It was too bright!


I opened my eyes. The florescent lights above me hurt my eyes. I was in a hospital room. Alone. I tried sitting up but felt sore right below my belly button. Reality rushed back to me. I remembered what had happened, was it last night? What time is it? I wondered. I looked around my bed for a nurse calling button. There it is! I pushed it and heard a bell ring outside my room. I nurse bustled in, the worried expression on her face instantly disappeared when she saw me.

"You're up!" she said cheerfully.

Thanks captain obvious "Yeah. Do you know what time it is?"

"It is 3 am, sweet pea. How do you feel? Are you tired or sore?" She started checking the bandages under my shirt. How badly did I get hurt? I wondered.

"It hurts a little. How bad did he hurt me? When will I be able to go home-" The nurse, "Sarah" according to her name tag, cut me off.

"Hush. You will be able to go home when you are healed, in about a week or so. Your mother just left ten minutes ago, if you were wondering. You're lucky, sweetie pie. You only got nicked and it didn't puncture your stomach or any other internal organs. Now go to bed, I know you have a lot more questions but you need to sleep and get better." Nurse Sarah patted my head and walked from the room, turning the lights off on her way out.

I closed my eyes, but sleep would not come. I sat; awake, until the first glimmer of light shimmered on the horizon through the window next to my bed. Finally, sleep overtook me.


"Be quiet! We should let her sleep, she has been traumatized enough." Said a voice by the foot of my bed.

My eyes fluttered open to two concerned, navy colored eyes. Adri was here.

"Now you've gone and woke her up!" Said the same voice.

I glanced at the end of the bed. Mel and Nathaniel were standing there looking stressed. Mel was leaning against Nathaniel's chest and peeking at me worriedly.

"Hey guys." I said still drowsy from my stay-up-all-night masquerade.

"Who did this to you? I should have been there, Ever. I am so sorry." Adri's eyes matched the regret and anger in his voice.

"It's okay, Adri. I told you not to walk me home, remember-" suddenly a lawyer burst in.

"Hello, I'm Lawrence Right, your attorney, and I'm here to get a quote from you, concerning the attack of your ex-boyfriend." Said the lawyer, shaking my hand firmly.

"Hi Lawrence, I'll talk with you in a moment once I'm finished talking with my friends." I told him curtly. Rude of him to just interrupt a conversation like that I thought. He blushed and walked out of the room and into the hall.

"So your ex did this to you…" Said Adri, shaking with anger.

"Yes." I replied sadly. "His name is Kerry. Mel already knows this, but, Kerry was the same ex-boyfriend that raped me in 8th grade." I looked at Mel with tears in my eyes, remembering that depressing time. She came over and hugged me whispering "It is okay, you are fine. The police will catch him and put him in jail, where he belongs." I wept into her long, curly, brown hair. Adri came to my other side and stroked my hair, Nathaniel, my leg.

I sniffled and looked at Adri.

"You guys should probably go, well at least you and Nathaniel. I don't want my mom to grow more white hairs than she has to. I never told her why I was at the park last night and I don't want her to blame you. Any of you." Adri kissed my forehead as I stared down at my hands, looking up before my friends exited the room.

"How did you guys know I was in the hospital anyway?" I asked quickly before they stepped out.

"Your mom called me looking for you earlier and then called me again when she got the call from the police. I tried to see you last night but they wouldn't let me in. So this morning I told Nathaniel and Nathaniel told Adri. And here we are. You really gave me a scare, Ev. All I could think about was what happened when Kerry raped you. I was freaking out." Tears rolled down Mel's face and she ran back for one last hug.

"Cya soon Ever." She whispered and walked quickly away.

The Lawyer peeked his head back in.

"I saw your friends leave so I thought that I could interview you now." I already disliked him.

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