To understand my life, you'd need to know my beginning. I don't mean the beginning of my life, but where my bad luck started.

"Scarrlet, get up!" my sister yelled as she walked into the room. I got out of bed and did my normal routine. Brush my teeth, shower, and dress, eat, and pack my lunch. It was April and surprisingly warm for Toronto weather. I was looking good in my black high waist shorts, green tank and black short sweater and flats. I was ready to be seen. I said my goodbyes as I walked out of the house. *I can't wait to see him* I thought. Him being Jared.

We're both black, but he's much darker. He has brown dreads while I have straight black, shoulder-length hair. We looked amazing together and I knew our personalities we a perfect fit. For months we had been just friends, but I wanted more. As I walked Larrsel High School, I felt eyes watching me, waiting.

I would guess they were disappointed to see that we only hugged. But in that hug I felt the connection. "Hey Scarrlet" he said with his deep voice. "Sup Jared" I replied as I looked up and down at his amazing body. * Why can't he be mine* I thought, then remembered that he's not my kind, and could never truly accept what I was. We talked till the bell rang and went to class. I felt so happy when I was with him. But there was a slight problem other then the difference in our worlds; he was dating my close friend Tari. When they first started, my only thought was how I wanted to kill her, and I probably could with my amount of strength. She knew how I felt, and yet she said yes. Her excuse was it was an experiment. Bull shit. If she liked him, she should have told me right? Because that's what friends do. Well I guess now I know what kind of friend I have. I wanted them to break up. She didn't deserve him....I did. Through the months, I told her how I felt, hoping she'd feel guilty and dump him. She did feel the guilt but nothing changed. Some might say I was being a bitch, but they don't understand how much Jared meant to me. I was young, in gr.9 and in love (or something close to it). Tari only liked him, she didn't know him the way I did. But I was willing to wait for him.

* * *

As I cried in my bed, listening to Chris Brown's Damage, I remember thinking *he hates me*. Jared now hated me. I didn't want to believe it, but it was true. He said it himself. It was because I wanted them apart. I guess he liked her or something, because after she told him what I've been doing, he treated me like a no body. Why can't he realize I'm doing this for us? My heart was completely shattered. I never experienced something of that pain before. For months I was torn up inside. I was emotionless. A zombie of some sort. But the day I saw him kiss her, inside, I was gone. In that moment, I felt every horrible emotion ever thought of. I was done. Tari look me straight in the eyes, I couldn't help but give her a long hard stare. How could she do that right in front of me? I thought I'd hate her forever, but after they broke up of normal relation reasons, Tari and I were friends again. But never the same of course. I hoped Jared would be the last guy to hurt me like that. But I was so very wrong. Because in gr.10 I met him......

It's Jan of gr.10. I've forgiven Tari after. Jared and I are friends now, and have a lot of the same classes. But this year wasn't for him. ....He came in November, at first I didn't care for him. But then we became friends and he dated my friend Kera. I liked their relationship. I got them together but they were always off and on. And now that I truly knew him, I liked him a lot. They broke up and I knew he liked me, so I thought I had a chance. And obviously I did, because on Jan.16 he asked me out. I said yes without a doubt, but only wanting to talk it over with Kera first. I said yes for 2 reasons. #1, I loved him, and this time it felt real. #2, I trusted that he would love me too and wouldn't hurt me the way Jared had. Oh, it seems I've forgotten to mention his name. It's Lucas. Lucas was amazing. He told me that he couldn't live without me. That I was the one he needed to be with. We hugged, we kissed, and I was in love. He was my official first love. But of course there were problems. Kera wanted him back and would do anything to do it.

I was really worried. Not because I didn't think he loved me, but because Kera was thicker than I was. Lucas liked girls like that. She had a big ass, while I didn't. I was practically a stick with boobs and an ass. But Lucas loved me for who I was, not how I looked.

She told me how she felt; I said "I'm sorry". She said she'd fight for him, I replied "you should want Lucas to be happy, and he's happy with me." One day after school, she and her friends called me over to the wall. I didn't think anything of it. Once I was there, she pushed me to the wall and one of the girls with her held me to the wall with Kera. She pushed me so hard, that when my head hit the wall, I felt dizzy for a while. She started saying how Lucas was her's and how bad I am. I could barely understand form the pain of my head. But some how, my body was able to keep Kera and her other at a distance. I heard some one calling for Lucas. It was probably Soni. She was my best friend. Lucas came running toward us with his friend Malik. Lucas got Kera away from me, while Malik help them back.
Once Kera was away from me, I fell to the ground. Dimly seeing Lucas and Soni coming towards me.
As I got up I saw Kera and her accomplices waling home, but they turned around just to give me the finger. *wow I'm special aren't I?* I thought. I had only met those girls this year and we were all close from the start. I guess this will change things.

As Lucas, Soni, and I walked home, we talked about what just happened. Soni walked ahead to leave Lucas and I alone to talk.

Lucas was taller than me, I was 5'7 and he was 6'2. He hand medium to dark black skin. I was just a tint light then medium but still considered medium. His hair was shaved, with a lightning bolt in it. Cute. He had a square/oval head shape and his eyes were a deep purple. Mine were gray with a bit of brown around it. We both had full lips and he hand looked so big in mine because I was so skinny (naturally). He was muscular, but lanky. He wasn't over muscular to the point where they pop out of shirt. He looked like a b-ball player, which he was. But he wanted to be an engineer. He was perfect to me. My sister Amalie had said I'd stop growing between 21-23. She looks 22 but is actually about 57. I'm actually 15 turning 16 in March. I was excited that Lucas and I could be together for a few more years. But if he accepted what I was then maybe we could be together forever, if he is willing to change...

You may think I'm a vampire. But I'm not. Not completely anyways. I'm not human either. I'm a half vampire, and half shape shifter. I don't turn into a bat. But I can turn into various animals, insects, and some objects and people. But those are a lot more difficult and I'd need more blood to do that. That's where the vampire part of me is. I don't need blood to survive, but without it for a long time will make me weaker and harder to shift. I'm also very fast and have the ability of glamour and strength, as all vampires do.

In the supernatural world, there are all kinds of creatures, but my kind isn't very popular. Vamp-shifters are hard to make because vampires can't have children. So the males must freeze their sperm before they are turned, but some aren't given the chance. My mother is full shifter, and my father is a vamp. So for as long as I "live" my heart will beat because I'm not completely dead. My father told me that one day, when I find my love; he'll turn him to a vampire if he isn't supernatural. Female vamp-shifters can't change people into vampires. Anyways, I'll explain my world later, but let's get back to my conversation with Lucas.

"Scar, I'm sorry" Lucas said as he held my hand and looked deep into my eyes. I could look at his forever. "It's not your fault. She just loves you a lot. I could understand that." I replied, stopping and turning to face him.

"Scar, she almost beat you up. I don't know what I'd do if you were to get hurt because of me." I wrapped my arms around him, never wanting to let go. He held me close by my waist. He smelt like lavender.

"Lucas, there's nothing she can do to stop me from loving you."

Then we kissed. It felt like a burst of light ran through my body. He pulled away and held my head in his hands and said "I'll fix everything". And he left. I ran back to Soni and we continued home.

When I got home that night, Kera had called me. She said how sorry she was and that Lucas talked to her. She also said she'd try to be okay with it. I wanted to believe her, but something was telling me to keep watch. So over the next few weeks I did.

The next 3 weeks were okay. Exams were close, so I was studying hard. Lucas and I were still good, but he spent more time with Kera now. She was actually trying to be okay with it, surprisingly. Kera's locker was beside Lucas's locker and one day when I saw her leaving her locker, she had a huge smile on her face. And her lipstick was smudged. I was worried but I trusted Lucas. As I walked towards Lucas, he had a big smile as well, but luckily, no lipstick. A few other girls started noticing the time they spent together. I asked him about it. He said "I'm just mad that you don't trust me Scar." "But Lucas, I do, I'm just naturally jealous and don't want to lose you." "You won't lose me." He kissed me and left. After our talk I felt so guilty for ever thinking he would cheat on me. He loved me. At least I hoped he did.

I talk to Soni about it. "Soni, what if he breaks up with me for her. We both know what I'll be like after that. It will be worse then how I was with Jared."

"After everything that happened, do you think he would leave you, for her? He loves you and you need to trust that."

"I do trust that, but I know him, and I know Kera. She has a big ass, he likes big asses. She will use that to get him.

"Scarrlet, just trust that he loves you."

"Your right. He wouldn't hurt me like that..... I hope."

"Scar, don't think negative."

"I'm not, I'm just nervous."

"Nothing will happen"

"I'm really hoping that."

" He loves you"

" Well I really love him too"

"So you should know everything will be fine."

" I know, I'm just going to relax."

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