Chapter 4

"I'm back!" I yelled through the house as I walked in. When I got into the living room, Soni was changing movies. "What took you so long? You were supposed to be back by 11."Soni said. "Uh, I just met some guy when I went to the creek. He's going to Larrsels. He's going to be in gr.11." I informed her. "Is he cute?" Lia said as she walked out of the kitchen with a can of sprite. I laughed. "Yes, very." I remembered how he smiled at me, how he looked at me. He was more then cute. "Good, we need cute guys at our school…" Lia smiled. Sad but true, we do need new cute guys. "So what does he look like?" Lia asked curiously. "Umm pretty much like Robert Pattinson, but less pale, better eyes, and younger. But still hot." I replied. Lia seemed so excited about Demitri. Soni and I were laughing at her, how could we not? Lia was so interested in a guy she has never seen. She had always been the more boy crazy one out of the 3 of us. "How could he have better eyes? Robert's are blue and green. Perfect." She said. "Well the guy's eyes are blue, green, yellow, brown and grey." I told her. She had the biggest smile ever. "And his name is…?" "I forgot." Lia rolled her eyes.

"DIBS." She yelled and fell back on her pillow, Soni and I laughed. "You can't put dibs on a guy Lia." Soni said. "Well you're moving, and Scarrlet has given up on guys. So there's no issue." "Ya, except every other girl will be all over him." Soni explained. "Well I'll start as his friend." she relied. "Wow Lia. All I can say is wow." I said. The saddest part was that she had never even spoken to him. But whatever, she can have him…

After talking for an hour, we fell asleep during P.S. I Love You. It's Soni's favourite movie.

* * *

It's September 7th. Soni is gone. She left the week before school started. She lives in Mississauga now. I miss her already, but at least I still have everyone else. I thought as I approached the school. "Scar? Scarrlet!!" I heard a female voice yell from a group of people. It was Shelly. She was a cute blond hair, blue eye, energetic person. When I got to the group I hugged everyone; Rob, Chris, Jared, Tari, Karolyn, and Kera. "I missed you to much Scar." Tari said. "You saw me at the party." I laughed. "Don't remind me." Rob said as he shook his head. "Hey guys, where's Lia?" I asked. "She's with the new kid over there." Shelly said and pointed towards the stairs. Lia was at the bottom of the steps when she spotted me. She smiled and waved. She looked amazing. She had on a black mini dress with straps that had purple buttons on the ends, peacock blue leggings and black ankle boots that have a cute rhinestone design at the top. She looked like a supermodel. Her makeup compliments her mixed skin beautifully. She is half black and half Asian. She had gorgeous brown eyes. Lia was talking to someone, a boy. I couldn't tell who it was, I could only see their back. But as I got closer to them I realized. It's Demitri.

"Uh, hi Lia." I said as I hugged her. "Hey Scarrlet, this is Demitri." She said as she pointed her hand towards him. "Hello Demitri." I said and smiled, but tried not to make eye contact. He extended his hand to me. He remembers me. "Hello Scarrlet." I shook his hand and made the mistake of looking into his multi-colored eyes, where we held each others gaze for a moment. "What is this, a business meeting?" I joked and tilted my head to look at the ground. "No, just an unexpected reunion." He replied. "So you guys have met before?" Lia asked sounding confused. "Ya, we met a few weeks ago at the creek." He told her as he checked his schedule. I couldn't help but watch him do that. He was wearing a navy blue shirt with a gold chain, a black leather jacket and jeans. Casual, yet sexy. I was in a cute green over the shoulder top, with some skinnys and high tops with a few gold bangles. I couldn't wear silver anymore because it started to hurt. That's probably my vampire side coming. Demitri and Lia continued talking, and after watching him check her out a few times, I just zoned out. Every now and then I'd add a "yeah" or "of course" in the "3 way" conversation. But other then him checking her out, he did throw some glances my way. I'm surprised he even notices I'm here. Lia was flirting to the max with this guy. It was hilarious. She would occasionally touch his arm, flip her hair, or tilt her head back and start laughing. She even gave him a seductive face and twirl her hair. Classic. Lia is probably one of the flirtiest girls I've ever met. And by the way she's going, she'll have him by the end of the month.


"Well there's the bell, I guess I should get going." I said as I took out my schedule. "What do you guys have first period? I have math." Lia asked but directing the question more towards Demitri. She is so into him…hmm but they would make a cute couple. "I have history." Demitri and I said in unison. I quickly turned my head to him. "With ?" I asked. "Ya, what's sh-" "HEY DEMITRI! You coming man?" Dean yelled from the doors. Demitri looked apologetic. "Sorry, Dean's calling. Do you guys know him?" he asked. "Uh, ya. A bit." I replied. Dean was a good guy, but tried to put on a touch act. "Great, I got to go. Bye." He smiled, turned, and walked away. I couldn't help but to watch him go. "Lets go Scarrlet." Lia said, bringing me back to reality. "Huh, ya ok."