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In the beginning, there were the Shadows.

They were stronger than the gods, with power greater than man could ever imagine. They were a plague on the lands of ancient times. Moving faster than a scream and hunting longer than the strongest warrior; they were the terror of the lands, preying on innocent and guilty, young and old alike.

It was dark times for the people, so few as there were. Danger was ever present, even large groups moving together could be devastated in moments by the Shadows. It could never be known where they would strike next - they roamed the lands taking far more than what they needed. They were driven by greed and lust. Blood caked their hair and their naked bodies were filthy with it. The two Shadows were the most base of creatures, little more than wild animals with might greater than all others.

It was decided one day after long years of darkness, by a gathering of gods and mortals alike, that the Shadows needed to be shackled. They needed to be breakable. It was in the coldest hours before dawn when, sated from feeding and lazy with the assurance of their own unlimited power, the collection of gods and mortals struck, pinning down them down. They were captured and held firm - justice was to be administered.

Even then, though, the gods had not the power to take from the Shadows everything their essence made them, instead they placed on them chains, limiting the carnage they could cause. One was to walk only the night, the power of the sun would destroy him, but he would feel no pain. The other could walk safely under the sun, but would feel pain as a mortal does. Both were to be immortal unless they were staked through the heart and had their head removed from their body. Both were to crave the blood of man to the point of insanity. Without it they would lead a half life, eternally crippled by never ending desire and the inability to fulfill it.

It was only accidental that during the process of shackling the Two that they were given more traits that further removed them from the monsters they'd been. Their minds stimulated and both discovered intelligence which would belittle the humans around them. Both developed a similar yearning for more of their own kind, such as they had never felt before. Both received the power to procreate.

They were unchained and left the scene as the first Nightwalker, the runner of darkness, and the first Daywalker, the runner of light. It was said that each blamed the other for their capture and change, the Nightwalker especially resentful of his brother's ability to walk under the sun. From that moment they ceased to be two of a kind, Shadows working together as one strength, rather they became immortal, eternal enemies.

It was many centuries after the creation of the separate races that a third was created. It began with one human baby in whom the blood of both the Nightwalker and Daywalker ran. She was both blessed and cursed with the ability to sense the vampires around her. It was revealed on the eve of her twenty-first year that there was just one - a Nightwalker - with whom she had a special connection allowing her to cross any distance to their side. Together they wreaked havoc on the other race. Since then every second generation a human is born with the ability sense vampires, but at the same time is intrinsically tied to one, of either race. They are bound for their entire lives and upon the death of one the pain is so great for the other they wish for nothing more than death. It remains inevitable that one cannot live without the other.

So the war continued. Fledgling Nightwalkers and Daywalkers inherited the hatred and even after the original Shadows were gone, killed by greedy, power hungry offspring, they carried on the epic battle raging across continents and centuries, at times with the assistance of a particularly special human, though mostly without...