First Impressions

Chapter Eight

The wedding was everything Liz had ever dreamed off: simple and elegant and with everyone who loved her around her. She was also happy about the fact that, ever since Harry had asked her to be his wife, they had fallen more and more in love each day.

"You look beautiful, Liz," Emmy said fondly as Liz twirled in front of her and Allie, already wearing her white dress.

"It's a beautiful dress," Liz said, patting the folds of silk.

"You are the beautiful one," Allie said.

Liz grinned. "I still can't believe I'm getting married."

"I guess coming to London wasn't an entirely bad idea, was it?" Emmy said.

"It was the very best of ideas! If not, I would have never met Harry."

Allie and Emmy laughed, Liz was so delighted it was hard not to catch her good mood even if after today nothing would ever be the same between them: Emmy and Lord Simon would confess to Allie that he was Allie's half brother, and Liz would be away, living with her husband.

Soon, Lord Simon came to escort them to the church, looking quite handsome in his formal clothes. He had been very generous with them, paying for Liz's wedding and even giving her a nice dowry, even though Harry had protested no dowry was necessary.

"You look remarkably calm." Simon commented as they rode to the church.

"I feel calm," Liz said with a smile. "I know I'm doing the right thing."

"If only everything were that easy," Simon mumbled.

"Things are as easy as you make them," Allie said, retrieving a basket that no one had noticed before.

"Is that your dog?" Liz asked.

But before Allie could answer the top of the basket was pushed aside and the puppy's head was poking out.

"Allie, you can't bring him into the church!" Emmy said.

"But he wanted to come!" Allie said, taking out a kitchen towel and draping it over the lap of her blue dress and settling the puppy on top.

"Someone please remind me to hit Marcus for giving her that dog," Simon mumbled.

"Oh, I will." Emmy said.

Again, Liz noted, no one ever said anything about telling Allie off, and she just hoped that these two wouldn't ruin Allie trying to overcompensate for what their parents have done.

"That's enough," Liz said. "No one is getting hit at my wedding. Allie, I'm afraid you're going to have to leave him in the carriage during the ceremony. But you can bring it later to the reception, as long as you keep it under control."

"Fine." Allie said, stroking the snowy white fur of her pup.

Soon, they were at the church and everyone got swept in the craziness and controlled chaos that came at the beginning of a wedding.

Liz arranged her veil, clutched her flower bouquet and started her march down the aisle, ready to start a life next to Harry. She had fallen in love fast, she knew that, but she also knew that Harry was a good man, that he loved her and that this was the beginning of a wonderful love story that would last for a lifetime.

Harry was smiling at her, wide and happy, when she reached his side and quickly took hold of her hand as they turned to the priest to be married. "I love you."

I love you.

Just the words a girl wanted to hear on her wedding day. Three little words that held a world of hope and promises for the future. A future that looked bright and full of all things beautiful.


End of Chapter 8


End of First Impressions

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