Five months later

It was another typical day of my senior year in high school. Senior year! The best year of any teenager's lives. But not to me, unfortunately. It was quiet and lonely. I was back in West Beverly, hating every minute of it. Though I still enjoyed the attention I got.

It would not have sucked as much if Nate was with me.

"Nessa! Nessa! Did you see that?" Nate ran to me, practically hopping with enthusiasm.

"See what?" I said, trying my best to sound cheerful.

"I won! I actually won that contest! I mean, I was really afraid that Elle would hate me and break up with me cause I won, but she didn't. She was actually really nice about -" he stopped mid-sentence.

He put a hand on my face, staring into my eyes. He narrowed his own and let go of me. He sighed and sat down beside me, his head in his hands.

"What, Nate?"

"What did he do?"

I stiffened. I know he's my twin and all but he couldn't possibly know about that. I tried with all I could muster to make my face as emotionless as possible.

"What're you talking about, Nate?"

"Tell me what the fuck he did!" Nate shouted in my face.

Nate has never shouted at me. Sure, he got annoyed and pissed at me, but he never shouted at me.

This was when I started to cry.

He wrapped his arms around me, hugging me with all his might. He stroaked my hair and whispered comforting words in my ear. I hugged him back just as hard, if not harder.

"He cheated on me," I whispered.

After a few hours, we walked back to the house. I had a clear goal in mind, a goal I didn't even tell Nate about yet.

"Honey, have you been crying?" asked my dad.

"Dad, I have to tell you something," I said, sitting down on the couch beside him. Nate balanced himself on the couch arm.

"What is it?"

"I want to go back to Beverly Hills."

"WHAT?" Nate spat.

"Why?" my dad asked.

"I don't belong here, dad. I can't possibly be happy here anymore."

"Then I'm coming with you!" Nate said.

"No, Nate, you're staying here. With dad. And Elle."

So here I was, living my first few months as a senior without Nate. I just upped and left Malibu. I couldn't face Derek, I couldn't see that cheating bastard's face. Everytime I thought about him, I just broke.

I took all the Post Its he sent me and burned them at my backyard. I freaked out my mum a little, but she merely kept her mouth shut.

Five months down the line, and everything's changing. I haven't been going to parties and gatherings. I was actually nice to most people now, cause I was just too sick and tired to dislike people.

It was a Sunday and I was tying up my hair in a ponytail because I wanted to go for a jog. When I opened the door, I saw Derek pacing on my porch. His head snapped up to meet my gaze and his eyes widened a little.

"What're you doing here?" I said as coldly as I could.

"Why did you leave?" he asked, a sad look in his eye.

I could not believe this. Seriously, he comes five months after I left to ask me that? Why doesn't he just kick me in the kidneys while he's at it?

"Excuse me," I merely said, ignoring his question.

I shoved past him to jog down the walkway. He caught my elbow, reminding me of the night I met him. I gasped, struck at how much he affected me still.

"Can't we talk?" he asked.

"Talk? About what? What crap can we possibly talk about?"

"What happened to you? Why did you leave Malibu without so much as a goodbye?"

I struggled out of his grip, jogging away. He kept up easily with me, not even breaking a sweat (let me point out that he was wearing a hoodie and cargo pants). Stupid fit boy.

"Nessa, why are you running away from me?"

"Just leave me alone, Derek. Please."

The next few minutes was spent in silence. He didn't leave me alone, he still jogged beside me, obviously not tired one bit. At times I heard an intake of breath, as though he wanted to say something, but thought better of it.

Eventually I had to rest. So, I sat on a bench at a park I just so happened to pass. I was breathing quite heavily.

"You know you're not supposed to sit. Walk around a little," he said calmly.

I sent him a death glare, making him raise his hands, letting me know that he didn't mean that as a remark.

"Can we talk now?"

I sighed, "You want to talk so bad? Fine."

"Just tell me why you left me?"

"You mean, you don't know?" I said, pretending to be horrified.

"Tell me."

"Well, let's see. When my brother was having his competition, I went looking for you in the crowd. When I found you, I didn't like what I saw."

"What did you see?"

"I saw you kissing a blonde! I wish I could say she's ugly, but unfortunately, she was freakin' hot. I could see why you would want to make out with her. So, I left."

"You saw that?" he asked me in terror.

"Yes, dimwit. I saw that. I saw that kiss and that kiss made me fled Malibu. Because you cheated on me, I left and made Nate stay behind cause I know how much he loves Elle."

He plopped down beside me on the bench. He had his hand on his forehead and a dazed look on his face. He was breathing deeply.

"You don't know how sorry I am, Nessa. Can you forgive me?"

"Forgive you? I couldn't even forgive myself yet."

"I miss you, so much. These five months without you have been absolute torture. Everywhere I turn, I see you. Everything I look at, it reminds me of you. Please, I'm begging you. Please, take me back," he begged.

I almost did. I almost hugged him with all my might, rekindling our relationship. But I could not.


A/N: Sorry this is a bit short, but I'm so swamped with extra-curriculars D: Anyway, the continuation of Breakaway, everybody! The story's gonna end soon, aw. But I'll try my hardest to make the ending epic.