Written Bye: Taylor Tracy


Hello there. Yes you sitting there reading this story. My name is Heaven Smith. I know, I know when you hear the word Heaven you think of an angel or something, but let me tell you I am nothing of the sort.

Chapter 1

A new house, a new town, a new school. All the fun of moving again. I was sitting in the passenger seat of our car, which was filled with all of our possessions. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out into the cold crisp air, my long blond hair blew out behind me, and I looked at the clouds in the sky with my blue eyes.

Then all of a sudden a car zoomed past. My mother yelled at me to get my head in the car then cursed at the driver under her breath.

My hair rested on my shoulders, and I looked at the car now with their driver's window level with mine. Inside the car was a boy. He looked to be about my age his face calm like his car didn't almost hit me. The only other detail I could see before he zoomed ahead was the color of his hair. The boy driving the car had orange hair, not red-orange but pure orange.

WellI thought if I ever see him again I'd give him a peace of my mind sense he almost chopped off my head.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we arrived in the driveway of our new house. My mother has the oddest timing for moving. Every time someone moved into the neighborhood, we moved out. We'll go over to there house and my mother would ask really strange questions, then the next day we would move out. I would be suspicious, but I have other things to worry about. Like what are the people like here, how's the school, or who was that orange haired boy in the driver seat of that car?

I quickly jumped out onto the driveway before everything fell on top of me. I stopped, spun back and caught the box labeled 'Fragile' before it fell on the pavement, and took it inside.

"Heaven, start taking stuff inside," yelled mom as she went upstairs to scout out her room.

"What do you think I'm doing down here," I yelled back. I set the box on the floor by the door and walked back out to the car.

I looked around at my new neighborhood, I saw three girls jumping rope and two little boys chasing each other playing tag. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a red Frisbee flying at my head. I quickly crouched down, and it zoomed over my head then I jumped back up on my feet, stretched out my arm and caught the Frisbee in mid-flight. I spun around throwing the Frisbee back in the direction it came. I looked up to watch the Frisbee then froze my arm still in midair. I watched the Frisbee fly through the air in a straight line. The Frisbee hit a boy in the back of the head. The boy had orange hair.

I scrambled to pick up the last box and ran inside. I slammed the door behind me and tried to catch my breath. I walked upstairs with the one box of my possessions and walked into a room that had its door open.

"Hey, did you bring everything in—" I slammed the door then walked across the hall.

I opened another door, but that led into a small bathroom. I closed that door and walked to the last remaining door in the hall. I opened the door and inside was a staircase. I slowly walked up the stairs into a small dusty room.

I set the box onto the bed and dust flew into the air. I quickly walked over to a small window and pushed it open. Looked at the sky then around the neighborhood. I looked down on the driveway then moved my eyes over to look at the neighbor's driveway. There was nobody there any more just a car in the driveway along with a red Frisbee lying dead on the ground.

I walked back to the box on my bed and started to unpack. I hung all my clothed in the little side closet, and put me shoes by the door. I pulled out my soccer ball that had over fifty signatures. I've moved so many times so I've been on a lot of soccer teams and before I move again they all sign this ball and no dought there would be more by the end of the year. I put my journal down on the small table by the lamp then set down my pen next to it. After that was in place I took out my old laptop computer and set it by the small window in the room.

The last object in the bottom of the box was a chest carved out of cherry wood with inputs of shells, glass, ivory, and jewels. Inside the box I kept my memories, by memories I mean pictures, drawings, souvenirs, and other nic nacs. I knelt on my knees and pushed the box under the bed, my one and only hiding place.

I lay down on my bed with my laptop and stared to type. A few seconds later, after I typed at least a page, the doorbell rang.

"Heaven, can you get that," mom was evidently still unpacking her stuff in her room.

"Fine," I yelled and walked back down stairs and opened the front door.

"Hi neighbor," said a voice and on the other side of the door was a boy, my age, with orange hair. He stud there leaning against the doorframe. His shirt was white with no sleeves showing off his big mussels, and jeans that were a bit worn out with a hole in one knee. I never thought someone could look so good that had orange hair.

"Hello…" he said, waving his hand in front of my face, "anyone there?"

"Hi," I said my voice stronger then I expected "and you are?"

"I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours," he smirked leaning in to examine my face.

"I'm Heaven, now you," I said making my face serious as if urging him to laugh and joke about my name.

"I'll tell you what, if you and your family come to dinner tonight then I'll tell you my name," he said with a bit of laughter in his voice, and he leaned closer as in daring me to say no.

"We'll be there," said a voice behind me making me jump and the orange haired boy laugh.

"Great," he said "see you there," he smiled then walked away but it was more of a strut then a walk.

I glared at my mom as I walked back up to my room, and continued to type on my computer, then all of a sudden, pain, aching unbearable pain. What in the world? Tears pored down my cheeks. My back felt like it was splitting in two. I screamed. What is this? Then it was gone. No pain, no nothing, everything was fine. I sat up and wiped off my tears.

"Heaven are you okay?" yelled my mom from the kitchen.

"I'm fine," I yelled back still a bit shocked "just a cramp."

"Do you need Advil," she asked even though it would take an hour to find.

"No I'm fine now, thanks though."

"Okay, but get ready for the dinner."
"Fine," I yelled and walked over to my dresser.

"I need some light," I whispered to myself, then started to open the blinds on the larger window that was placed on the side of my room. I opened the blinds and on the other side of the window was a thin wall of empty space and then another window that led into a room in the neighbor's house.

In the room was an orange haired boy without a shirt on looking through his closet for something to put on. He didn't notice I was staring at him so I went back to looking for something to wear myself. I took out nice jeans, and a brown tee shirt. Being careful to stay out of view from the window, I switched clothes, and walked back out into view of the window.

I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror to make sure that there where no more knots. After I finished with my hair I looked at my outfit.

"I think it needs something else," I said talking to myself. I walked back over to the dresser and I pulled out a jean jacket, and a jean vest. I always wear jeans or anything made out of the same fabric.

"I like the vest," said a voice from the window I jumped and spun around to look out the window, and sure enough leaning there looking through the window at me was the orange haired boy.

"But I think it needs something else."

"Oh yeah, and what's that," I said smirking at him I noticed he still didn't have his shirt on. So how long has he been standing there?

"Stay there," he said and he moved away from the window.

I turned back to look at my reflection in the mirror. I put on the vest and patted out the wrinkles.

"Wow, you took my advice," the orange haired boy was back at the window again smiling.

"But I still think it needs this," he said. Then he stuck his leg out his window and into my room.

"What," I yelled "you can't come in here" but that wouldn't stop him. I ran to the window and tried to push him back into his room.

"This will just take a seck," he said through gritted teeth "oops." His foot slipped and he started to fall. I bent over the window and without thinking grabbed his hands and tried to pull him in.

"Your heavy," I managed to pull him part way up then he shot through the window, and we crashed to the floor of my room. My head hit the ground hard and lights danced in my eyes.

"Ow," then the next thing I know I'm being lifted off the floor.

"Your light," said the orange haired boy, and he set me on the bed "You okay," I could here the laughter in his voice.

"Yeah, just hit my head," I opened my eyes to see his face only a few inches from mine. I looked at his eyes, they were dark brown and handsome.

"Get off," I yelled while pushing him off the bed and onto the floor.

"What was that for," he said sitting up rubbing the back of his head from when it hit the floor.

"Sorry, you scared me," I said my voice shaking.

"Hey," he said lying back onto the floor "what's that," he lunged and grabbed the box full of my memories.

"No," I yelled and snatched the box from him "this is privet."

He looked at me his face questioning. I put the box back under my bed, stud up, and started to rebrush my hair while the orange haired boy just sat on the floor. Next thing I know he was behind me still with no shirt on.

He raised his arms and put a hat on my head. The hat was made out of the jean material, it was the cutest hat I've ever seen, but it's not like I'd ever tell him that.

"Wear that to dinner, and I'll tell you my name," he said his mouth extremely close to my ear "besides you look like your ready for a music video," I looked at him and we both laughed.

"See you," then he jumped out my window and back into his. He pulled a shirt on and walked out of his room.

"Bye," I said in a whisper.