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"Where are we going?" I asked as we walked quickly threw the crowd.

"Trust me I know this place like the back of my hand, I'll take you somewhere cool." He said and I could hear the joy in his voice. I barely know him but I guess I'll trust him.

'Can I at least know where?" I asked.

"Nope," he said happily.

"What? Why not?" I asked surprised.

"Just cause," he said happily then pulled us between two carts.

"Justin! Where are we going?" it started to become deserted and the voices were behind us. I started to get scared thinking about all the times I've yelled at the TV for the girl not to fallow the guy she just met down the deserted alley, but here I was.

"You'll see," he said happily.

"No!" I said digging my heels into the ground. He stopped and turned around to look at me confused.

"What's wrong?" he asked dropping my hand.

"Tell me where we're going," I said starting to get mad.


"Cause I need to know," I said and he didn't look any different, "Tell me!"

"Or what?"

"I'll beat your ass then leave," he laughed at that.

"You would never be able to beat me up, even if you tried."

"Wanna bet?" I asked and he smiled a devilish smile.

"Sure if you can touch me I'll tell you," he said

"That's all?" I asked confused.

"Yup, I'll even start standing still, come and get me," he said smirking. I walked forward and reached out a hand to touch his shoulder. It got about a centimeter away when the scene shifted and he was a foot away from my hand.

"What?" I said surprised. I looked at him then back at my hand. Okay, he's fast. I though but I'm faster.

I spun around quickly dragging my foot on the ground to try and trip him but then he was farther away.

"How did you?"

"Magic," he said and winked. I laughed then charged at him. He shifted slightly and was away again. I ran at him again getting closer and he circled behind me and poked me in the back to make me trip. I swirled around trying to get him but he moved back again just out of reach.

"You're fast!" I said surprised.

"Thank you," he said appearing at my side and kissed me on the cheek. My arm whipped out to slap him but he was already gone. I spread out my wings a little bit so they were out but he couldn't see them, and it was dark anyways. I sprinted at him, my wings cutting the air to speed me up. He smirk on his face vanished as he moved away but this time I could see him. I tilted a wing and changed my direction just as he dd. He blinked surprised and started running off in another direction and I switched at the same time, he was becoming predictable. Then he sprinted off to the other side of the little place we were in and I jumped high spreading my wings just a little more so I could sour quickly at him. He tried to get away but I changed my direction in my flight and landed on top of him. We rolled for a bit from the impact but in the end I was sitting up on his stomach.

"Got cha!" I said and flicked his nose.

"How?" he asked

"Magic," I said and he chuckled. I got up off of him and started patting the dirt off my clothes. Justin stood up too and walked up slowly behind me. I started to turn around to face him but he made me stay with my back towards him.

"What?" I asked then I felt a hand move the hair away from the back of my neck. His hand stroked along the sensitive spot at the back that I didn't even know I had.

"You're a bird," he said and I snapped around my eyes wide. He had a little smirk on his face.

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