Ancient Egypt

I adore ancient Egypt. :)

The Black Land, the eternal river, the endless desert

Flourishing in the midst of dune storms, floods, wars.

Scorching wild terrain adorned by cities and pyramids

Gift of the Nile, treasure of Ra, she is ancient Egypt.

Her cities shimmer, drained of color in the glare of noon

As docks seethe with activity, as crocodiles patrol the waters.

Her scent of lotuses, the black earth, and roasted waterfowl

Reaches the merchant at his stall, and the thief who prowls the alleys.

Egypt's sleeping thousands rest in hovel and villa and palace

With amulets around their necks, on headrests of wood or ivory or gold.

The dead rest in their spices and wrappings deep in the tomb,

Surrounded by murals, jewels of lapis lazuli, boats to the afterlife.

Reigned by pharaoh, inhabited by nobles and commoners and slaves

Guarded by the glorious gods, immortalized by the peaceful dead.

An expanse of golden sands, with a ribbon of silver running through,

She is ancient Egypt.