Loving You

One of my favorite poems. I wrote this with Jaejoong of DBSK in mind.

We are a world apart.

You glow in the spotlight, capturing hearts with every tender smile.

Always you are surrounded by the red ocean of your admirers.

I weave through fifty thousand fans to reach the stage and touch your fingertips.

Only your trembling hands betray your burden of unparalleled fame.

My heart plays fireworks every precious moment I am in your presence.

Unfathomable, your eyes are my sunrise.

Your voice is gentle magic, melting hearts of steel bit by bit.

Your charisma is the glittering sun breaking through stormy clouds.

Your back view resembles falling white snow, lonelier than the moonlight.

You are more than the air I breathe.

You are mine, a song I will never finish singing.