The Midnight World

A surrealist poem I wrote. :)

I am an eternal wanderer.

Last night I slept in a forest glade.

The distant howling of a night wolf

Roused me from my deep slumber.

When I awoke on my bed of grass,

A mystical fog enveloped me.

And when my eyelids fluttered open,

I beheld the midnight world.

I once thought the sky was intangible,

But as I craned my neck upwards,

I embraced it as my sublime canopy.

The pearly clouds were my cozy blankets.

The stars, once just twinkling dots,

Were truly diamonds trapped in black velvet.

The moon was not a shiny circle,

But my glowing beacon of light.

The raindrops pouring from the heavens

Were my cascading tears of sorrow.

The thunderbolt flashing in a yellow zigzag

Was the livid claw of an almighty beast.