the tears threaten to come down,

as soon as i let myself think about myself,

i'm a wreck,

and nobody cares enough,


can somebody come and lift me up?

i want to feel good about myself,

and i'm sick of being alone,

i just want to be loved,


and the overwhelming feeling comes,

i just want to cry,

until there is nothing left to give,

i'm sick of this


i'm done with love,

for the rest of my life,

being single is much more simple,

and i hate what i've become,


no one can handle being with me anyways,

so i'd rather not have the false smiles,

and the numerous lies,

i want someone genuine,


can i ever find anyone that will love me?

is there such things as "i'll be yours forever"?

i want to find someone,

that will say, "we'll make it through together,"


but i'm all alone,

and there's no one here,

to hold me down,

i'll be alone forever,


and the tears fall down,

and there's no one here to,

make them stop all together,

and i'm all alone,


every one of you has broken me,

broken me,

and i can't seem to find the pieces,

and i want to be normal once again,


can somebody help me?

can somebody fix me?

i want to be held in together,

i want to be yours forever,


there nothing that's stopping me now,

i want to have somebody,

just somebody,

tell me that they want me.