When the Lone Wolf Cries

--A glimpse of things to come.--

Chance Sunter's gray listless eyes stared at a two story home engulfed in flames. Thick black smoke billowed over the orange glow before fading into the darkness of the night sky and countless stars dotting it. He drew in a deep, sharp breath and turned away slightly. Almost every single muscle in his face tensed as he listened to the crackling roar of the fire. A gust of wind blew across the landscape and through his jaw length black hair. He remained motionless as the same air current directed the thick smoke north east – towards the direction of town. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he could hear approaching sirens, still, he stood and watched the home burning brightly as a wildfire in the night.

Seconds; hours. Time had no meaning. For what seemed an eternity, the teen remembered that everything started with gasoline spilled throughout the home and a book of matches. His mind returned to how quickly the house had become engulfed with fire. How the windows sounded as the ones that were intact had shattered. The way the sickening smell of stale air in the house, dried blood and gasoline combined into a gagging stench. He knew for sure that he would remember this night for the rest of his life.

A gentle hand on Chance's shoulder forced him back to reality. Even without looking over, he knew the hand belonged to Devin Raus. Both remained in silence as Devin brought up his free hand and an ornament dangling from his fingers. Chance's eyes grew big as he noticed a polished silver cross tinted with yellow orange reflections of the fire. His focus jumped between the religious necklace and Devin's teal eyes full of strength and reassurance. Without conscious thought of it, Chance took the necklace with one hand and lowered his head into his free hand. Several rapid breaths into and out of his chest was all Devin needed. Silently, Devin reached out wrapping his arms around Chance to draw him as close as possible.

"I-I..." Chance tried to speak through the tears and squeaky voice. Devin shushed Chance in a soft and quiet tone.

"Let it out. Just let it all out." By now, tears were forming in his own eyes as he held the one person that taught him the cruelties of life.

"Forgive me mother, father. Please don't hate me, brother." Chance shrieked through his sobs – his entire body shook in Devin's holding grip. Devin stood confident in the notion that this night would be the changing point in Chance's life. And for him to be there was the best thing for both of them.