Even when your hands are shaking

Your last breathe put into words

Would you regret everything you never said?

Or would you die happy?

Laying on your death bed

Surrounded by people

Or quietly dying alone

World leaving you on your own

You was in love, I was in hate

There is one thing that I perfected

And you had no clue

Tonight I can show you a thing or two

Knife behind my back

Staring at you with loving eyes

Flash a pain that you don't catch

My smile is PERFECT

Inviting and never suspecting

I see you laying there in your bed

I move closer and raise the knife above my head

You open your eyes, I freeze but my eyes are still hard

Give me one good reason why I should end this right now

'I'm the only one you have left, without me you're alone'

I was in love and I was in hate

Last living person to make me feel this way

AN: This is a amplified version of my love. Its so HARD. You find someone and you think they are great then they become your number one. But you start to think they can hurt you so easily but you dont stop loving them. So its a Love scared of getting hurt so I'll hurt you first kind of poem.. wow Long AN... Read and review! :D