I'm afraid of not being with you...

Chapter 1 - New Life

I was alone. I mean, not really alone. And had my family and I had only one friend; Annie. But I needed someone to trust fully to, to tell when I got hurt, to tell when I bought my first girly underwear when I was a kid, when I lost my virginity - that hasn't happen yet, or ever - and stuff like that us talk to girls about when your 15 years old. Or young, I don't know. The problem was, was that Annie was the biggest talker on school. If you tell her a secret, the next morning the whole school knows.

I turned around in bed to see what time it was. The clock said 2.17 at night. Thirteen minutes to go; I don't usually go up at this time, but today me and my family where moving, far away. I was actually glad; not to move, I loved our house, but to start a new life, I was tires of my old.

When it was two minutes left, I got up. Who cares about to minutes here and there?

The saddest thing about my life was that I had never, ever had a boyfriend. But that wasn't something I told Annie. Or anyone for that fact. But who cares about my boring life? I sighed.

I got dressed in some light jeans and a plain t-shirt. Boring; just like me.

At this hour I was on my way so sunny Los Angeles. My seat in the plain was quite comfortable, so I easy fell into a warm and nice sleep..

"Jamie? Jamie, wake up. We're here." I felt someone shaking my shoulder. Mom. Had I really slept the whole flight? That was strange, maybe because I didn't sleep all night.

When we got to the airport and picked up our bags we took a cab to our new house, our new life.

The house was quite petit, well, for me. But to the others the house was big. I didn't care.

They where right, the house was big! And my room was my favorite of course. The walls were purple, which fit me fine, it was my favorite color. It echoed in the room when I got in, because there were no furniture there.

The only thing now was my bed and my drawer. When it was time to sleep I got up from the bed and went to look at the beautiful stars in the sky. I was right; they were beautiful. Then another thing caught my eye, I could see my neighbors bedroom, the same I had, only the opposite way. My eyes narrowed to see better what was moving in the window, and when I saw it, my heart melted. I actually got a little dizzy, to be honest.

There was this beautiful guy, maybe eighteen och nineteen; shirtless, working out. His hair was pretty short, but messy from the weight lifting. His muscles was big and strong, (and sweaty, if I may say) and he had the most hottest tan, ever. It fit him perfectly. I couldn't see his eyes, though, unfortunately. That was, for me, the window to his soul, is his eye, you could see how he really felt, what he want, and what he means. There are many windows to a soul, but the eye are the most important to me.

I stared at him until he finished his workout. He picked up a bottle of water and drank until it was empty. When he chanced to other clothes I looked away, I mean as much I would love to see him without clothes, it was rude. After about a minute he had put his clothes on and he went to pull down the curtains; but it was to late. He saw me, and our eyes met for a split second before i ducked under the window sill.

"Dammit! He saw me!" I whispered to myself, after I'd be sure he was gone I pulled down the curtains too, and went to bed.

And of course I dreaming of the beautiful guy next door...