My mind still can't grasp
The depth of what You did
For me.
You knew I would forsake You,
Yet still You laid Your life
On Calvary.
There's no innocence on my part;
I helped hammer the nails with
Bloodstained hands.
Still, You wash me clean,
And in love You took for me
A stand.

I'm guilty,
I'm a murderer;
I've sinned, and lied and swore.
I've hurt those I love
Without regret;
I've followed idols and even more.
And though I've done
Many good things,
Like helping the needy and poor;
The depths of sinful
Things I've done,
Far outweigh them more.

My soul should be black,
Yet You washed it clean;
And taken my sins as Your own.
You've bleached my soul white,
And opened the door
To the unending love You've shown.
You took my hand,
And then you said,
'Come and follow me'.
You led me forward,
Away from the dark,
Into the land of the free.

So here I stand
In a gown of white
Before my Holy groom.
His love for me
Exceeds all else
His words become my tune.
He gives reason to
My every breath,
My life I give to Him.
I give Him my heart,
My soul and best;
I give to Him every desire and whim.