An Alternate Ending for the Lady or the Tiger


For a moment after the door on the right was thrown open, nothing happened. No one stirred in their seats or broke the silence that erupted over the arena. To the princess, the silence seemed deafening as she waited in anticipation to see what would happen next, even though she already knew what the outcome would be.

The king, in all of his glory, was not watching the man – his daughter's lover – but the princess' face. He wanted to see what her reaction would be.

"My darling daughter," he whispered quietly into her ear.

"Yes?" she asked, not turning her face away from her lover out on the arena.

"Guard your heart," he replied. This time she did turn to him.

"Whatever do you mean, Father?" she inquired.

He smiled kindly at her, trying to seem as if he was concerned of her lover's well-being, but she could see the mischief that played in his eyes.

That was when the princess felt the change of atmosphere in the arena shift into something of terror. It was only then that she realized what her father, the king, had done. The tiger growled, shattering the silence that hung over the arena on that terrible, terrible day.

"Why?" was all that he was able to choke out of his throat before the tiger was upon him.

The princess, being semi-barbaric, felt no sorrow, no betrayal, and no pain, as she watched the man that she loved being torn to bloody shreds on the dirt floor of the arena. Her lover's face wore a mask of pain as he turned to face her sparkling eyes.

There was an indifference to the way that she watched that angered the king greatly. She felt his anger—for it seemed to be radiating from his form—and turned to him.

"What makes you so angry, Father?" she asked, a mischievous smile playing on her delicate features.

"I only observed that you seem to show no concern for the fact that your lover is being torn to shreds," he replied coolly, though she could see that his eyes were wild with rage, for he had wanted to teach her a lesson so that she would never fall in love with a man as unworthy as the man that she had fallen in love with.

The princess continued to ignore the shrieks of agony coming from her lover and the cries of despair emanating from the crowd.

She turned to face her father, the ghost of a smile falling upon her grave face.

"To you, Father, love is like a game," she whispered, her voice nearly inaudible, "and in most games, you have many lives, which means that you have many chances."

The princess watched the king's face, which was masked in confusion, but the princess only smiled.

"I have more chances to fall in love, Father, and it's all because of you!" she smiled happily, getting herself up and gracefully walking away, leaving the king fuming behind her, for he had never thought of it that way.


SO, you should tell me what you think. We had to do this for an English assignment and I decided to post it to see what other people thought of it. Hoefully it's not too bad. Thanks.