I would like for you to love me
But we would have to keep at least five feet away from each other
Like a personal space bubble
Except this is to keep me from becoming that

Bumbling idiot who writes poems about love
But doesn't know a thing about heart transplants
And you said that was the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard
It's really not- you see, my heart seems to beat without rhythm inside your ribcage
Made out of crumbled candy canes that

I sometimes want to feed to those
Stupid sparrows that you like so much
Just to impress you a little bit more

Than they do
And it's not like you're completely innocent either
Tearing cherry blossoms off the trees
Just because you think they're as pretty as you are
But I don't care, as long as you're

Happy enough to do those lopsided cartwheels
Causing those flowers to shake out of your hair
Leaving me to pick up the petals and

I know this is a bad thing to say but
Sometimes I wish you would fall
Along with the blossoms
So you'd fracture your wrists and ankles
And let me catch you because

You only let me kiss you when
You're not feeling so invincible.