A/N: i wrote this poem if you would call it a poem because i felt like i wasn't writing that many serious poems.

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The emptiness of space,

The beautiful endless wounders,

Something so peaceful but so distractive,

The entire universe,

So large,

And so vast,

The wonders of the universe,

You may think that you know everything about the universe,

But you never know everything,

The universe,

Never stops growing,

It never stops getting bigger,

It never stops to amaze,

This world we live in,

Is just one small piece of dust,

Compared to the whole universe,

We are nothing,

We are small,

We are just one part,

Of this beautiful,




We call the universe.

A/N: I didn't want to do a authors note but i did want to still write a authors note so anyway i hope you liked it.

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